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Personal Info
Known ForStealing the Columbian reinforcement groups, therefore inciting the Columbian Bush War.
Main ResidenceA vault spike
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • German
Political IdeologyNational Socialism
kdeeks burning a book

The former Emperor of the peoples and lands of Columbia.

Got the SHIT BOMBED OUT OF EM' in the Columbian Bush War.

Always said "Good-Day"

Started a comical number of political parties for no reason in several nations.

Dated Shadedoom secretly for several years, breakup was the real reason for the Bush war

Was clinically insane, no one talked about it directly.

Tried to start irl Columbia in a denny's parking lot in 2019, was arrested.

Is sorry for all the trouble he caused, will work to return the groups.

Was the richest man on civ for five minutes in November 2019

Is a sussy baka.

Only goal on Civ was having a palace party with all of the leaders of the world. Seriously, ask anyone, he wouldn't shut up about it.