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jesus christ ill work on it later stop telling me it is blank

Well, they aren't wrong -The32bitguy

A banned player that has a CivTCG card based on them.

How'd you get banned? -The32bitguy

Yellofishy von Adina, first citizen of Imperial Truidence, Judge of Imperial Truidence, Diplomat of Imperial Truidence to Mount Augusta, National Representative of the UNC, Placer of Snitches, Builder of Mir, Citizen and Founder of The Free City of Endaria, Governor of Endina, National Rep of Adina, Autist, self professed neo-nazi, harasser of Truidencians, the new cortwade, professional doxxer, Loser of wars, Raider of Unitas, Founder and Emperor of the First AOC, Founder and Emperor of the Second AOC, Obsessed with ceiling fans, yello "tard" fishy, victim of yoahtl, resident of varkonia vault, obsessed, nine years old, delusional.
Defending bunker.PNG
As a proud Sovia-Unitas Supersoldier.
Pirater defending MtA from foreign and World Police influence.
AltsOmnibenevolent, Amalure, LordBowman (shared)
AbilitiesTrench-digging, slightly above-Average PvP, shitposting, P.R, getting pearled and meme creation.
First Civ ServerDevoted 2.0
Core BeliefsWorld Police must be abolished in order for diversity and civilisations to thrive. Maoist, seeks to use force to overthrow the world order and establish a utopic, stateless society.