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Known ForLeader of the Latvian Soccer Dogs
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First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
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ashnwill was a long-time player of the CivCraft genre. He heard about it from the in-game chat of 2b2t, which he joined some time in 2013, and moved from there to CivCraft in early 2015. He fought on the World Police side in the Nox War of CivCraft 2.0, but later betrayed them, going on to contribute to many efforts against them over the next several years. In 2019, he founded the Latvian Soccer Dogs alliance, which sparked the Entente-Laconia War.


CivCraft 2.0

The hermit town of Georgia, 9 November 2015

In early January of 2015, ashnwill joined CivCraft 2.0, driven by an enthusiasm for micronations and worldbuilding. Upon joining, he was advised to join a newfriend-friendly nation such as Mt. Augusta, but disregarded this advice, instead founding a hermit town called Georgia in the deep northwest of the world. This proved to be a poor decision, which caused him to almost quit from boredom several times. Desperately seeking an adventure, he randomly messaged sintralin, the leader of Libertas (later known as Nox), asking if he could join her nation. Somehow, she agreed, and he left his hermit town.

His membership in Nox was equally boring, consisting of him logging on once a week to eat food and jump around the vault hole. After several months, he was falsely accused of leaking information and was kicked from the Skype chat. In a spiteful attempt to anger their leadership, he boastfully pretended to have been leaking the entire time, leading to his addition to a Nox pearl-on-sight list. He moved back to his hermit town and built a bunker, expecting it to eventually get targeted by alt-raiders. He submitted an application to the Eden group around this time, which sounded extremely suspicious and snakey to them and was therefore never afforded a response.

Serendipitously, the Nox War broke out around this time. Taking advantage of an incident in which he was mistaken for the player The_BadAsh (due to both players being referred to as simply "ash"), ashnwill managed to acquire an invitation to the World Police's Slack group, from which they recruited fighters for tactical operations in the ongoing war. Somehow, everybody assumed he was "supposed to be there", and he managed to carve out a space for himself, being invited to many attacks on Nox infrastructure and becoming a WP ally.

Devoted 2.0

ashnwill played Devoted 2.0 from its first day in early 2016, joining SirCrowley, Thanadon, and wergo20's nation Eslenti. He had held a grudge against them from the previous Devoted map, but agreed to give it up and play together on the new map. World Police players CrackerJack and Malen acquired alt accounts and formed an early map raiding crew known as yungmoneycrew, which targeted Eslenti immediately. ashnwill initially helped fight the raiders, but secretly switched sides (resuming his grudge) after being made aware that they were from the CivCraft WP, whom he liked more. He then did several underhanded things such as leaking the Eslenti mumble channel's access token to the raiders, allowing them to join it and troll the citizens. Eventually he suddenly attacked other citizens of Eslenti, pearling several before narrowly escaping by logging out. The raiders harassed Eslenti relentlessly, eventually causing it to disintegrate into two halves, one of which went on to found Ascalon on an island to the west.

The raider crew resumed after CivCraft 2.0 shut down, as many of its players migrated and created new nations to attack, such as Agora. ashnwill pretended to join this nation and waited several days before asking CrackerJack to help him massacre its citizens, collecting 11 pearls before he himself was betrayed and pearled by Yoje. Yoje gave his pearl to Enforcer15, who attempted to transfer it to SirCrowley's vault, but was intercepted en route by Crackerjack, who killed him and freed the pearl. Several minutes afterwards, CrackerJack was pearled by FRESH_candy, a member of the Revenants mercenary group hired to fight the raiders. He was then placed in wergo20's world border vault, which was stealth-broken later that night by ashnwill, repaying his debt. After lava bombing Ascalon at 6:00 AM for 4 days in a row, he was doxxed for the first time, triggering him to betray World Police leader ShadedJon on CivEx 2.0 before turning himself in to SirCrowley on Devoted.

Mt. Revenant, early 2016

The Revenants

Eventually getting over the first of his many monumental spaz attacks, he returned a month later to find a changed situation on Devoted; a conflict had broken out, arguably the first on Devoted of the "WP vs. anti-WP" archetype. The Revenants had become enemies with their former employers, Ascalon. The two sides found themselves aligned with higher powers, the two rival power axes of CivCraft. Respectively, the Revenants allied with the World Police, who had taken up residence in Agora, and Ascalon allied with Nox, calling themselves the Pirates. Still trapped in SirCrowley's vault, ashnwill made an offer to him, claiming that if he was released he would help Ascalon in the fight against the Revenants. Surprisingly, this offer was accepted, and he was freed. However, ashnwill had no intention of following through, and immediately took a boat across the map to Mt. Revenant to join his friends, the World Police.

After a week or two, the war was won by the Revenants. During a late-night voice chat, the WP decided to sign a white peace with Ascalon to free all of the pearls and end the war. No Revenants were present in this voice chat to give their consent, which bothered ashnwill, because the prisoners being discussed were held in the Revenants' vault. After voicing this concern, he was removed from the Revenants groups by WP member tankbuster44, who believed he might try to delay the white peace from going through. This triggered a short bender of sorts where ashnwill randomly attacked OryHara2001's town Polaris for no apparent reason, killing a nascent Brocktree, who was on his third day of playing and would years later be an influential player of the genre.

The next day, ashnwill told FRESH_candy and the other Revenants what happened, and he was re-added to the groups with a higher rank while tankbuster44 and the other WP members were demoted. This incident caused a rift to start opening between the Revenants and the WP, which was cracked open to the point of a full split when ashnwill betrayed the WP on CivTemp by freeing all of the pearls from their vault. Diet_Cola, a WP leader, vowed to destroy him on all servers forever into the future, and logged into Devoted to attempt to free the pearls of the Revenants vault in revenge, narrowly being stopped and pearled by FRESH_candy and Tofee_Dodger.

The formerly-allied WP fighters were intentionally trapped in the Revenants vault, removed from the groups, to prevent them from rallying and attacking it. Seeking his freedom but stuck in a situation where he couldn't directly get his hands on the requisite manpower, Diet_Cola forged an unlikely alliance with the Pirates. As a result, Tofee_Dodger was ganked and pearled near the new Pirates vault while scouting the world border. They issued an ultimatum in which they demanded the freedom of Diet_Cola and several other WP fighters in exchange for the release of Tofee. Feeling that they were in an indefensible situation where either response to the ultimatum would result in annihilation, ashnwill convinced the other Revenants to respond by secretly tearing down their vault and going into hiding in order to preserve their assets and manpower, so they could fight another day. The vanished Revenants vault was broken by the Pirates, and, unsurprisingly, the WP-Pirates alliance disintegrated almost immediately after this incident.

A month or two of boring fugitive living occurred as the Revenants remained (literally) underground while the WP and Pirates resumed their tensions and continued to build up strength. During this time, several attempts by the WP to trap and pearl ashnwill were foiled by the insider warnings of a friendly Brocktree, now living in a treehouse bunker in Agora. An incident then occurred where wergo20, a Pirate ally accused of stealing saddles from Brocktree, was pearled during an international iceboating competition by WP forces, who placed him in a new megavault in Agora. A new war immediately broke out, and Revenant assistance came to the WP's defense of the Agora vault after Tofee_Dodger was pearled (for a second time) by the Pirates.

ashnwill and MegraLew clean up Pirate grief at the Agora vault, 8 May 2016.