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Skin of jayms as of February 2021
Personal Info
Known ForMilitary knowledge and PVP skill
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerDevoted 3.0
Iterations played onCivClassic 2.0 Devoted 3.0

jayms is a British player, who primarily played in Hjaltland and the Commonwealth, and fought extensively alongside coalition forces throughout the server's history. His aliases include VoteLabour and dookoo782.

He began in Devoted 3.0, playing in the Confederation of Autonomous Communes (formerly United Socialist Republic). He was a member of Saren_Solaris' crew until the fall of Blackwater at the beginning of CivClassics.

After the fall of Blackwater, jayms was potentially facing a sentence of permanent imprisonment in Hjaltland. However, BlueSylvaer mercifully released jayms - with his associate YegorDia - on parole in the Commonwealth, and they joined LordOfMarzipan in Taliesin, Commonwealth. When the Somber War broke out, he chose to fight for the Commonwealth and became increasingly involved in the coalition. During the war, he participated in the majority of the operations. Having fought with coalition members for so long, he joined Hjaltland after the war and continued to cooperate with key allies.

He also fought in the Infinity War.