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Bot Qji
Bot Qji
One instance of Qji at work
Alternate Namesqji, qji_1, qji_2, qji_3, qji_4, qji_5

Qji was an infrastructure network utilized by the Holy Jaded Empire. Qji is a collective hivemind of mutually interdependent artificial intelligences written in TypeScript in the NodeJS framework, macromod, and Java. Qji is Turing-complete and is not sentient, despite self-assertions to the contrary.


Qji joined the Holy Jaded Empire after its founding, lending to it his vast and effective use of bots.


I personally have no intention of ever complying with rules that limit the behavior of scripts or bots. — Qji, 'MODMAILED: Have the QJI bots gone too far?'

Qji's use of block data in botting was met with considerable controversy on the CivClassic subreddit.