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Dr_Oracle is a long time CivCraft player, playing since June 2012 in CivCraft 1.0[1][2] serving in the HCF War and helped to establish Kizantium[3]. He is also the editor of the Empty Promises magazine. In Civcraft 2.0 he lived in Aytos and helped welcome lemuractionnews of Columbia. During CivCraft 3.0 Dr_Oracle moved between Concordia and Mount Augusta[3]. Dr_Oracle is currently a citizen of Mount Augusta[4] but has also been involved with HJE, Southshire, Yoahtl[3], the Commonwealth and Lexington[5]. Dr_Oracle co-owns an island group west of Airhaven known as the Antipodean Union at -5000 9000, and an Island west of MTA known as El Caro at roughly -7777 2700.

Dr_Oracle's Profile Picture
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 1.0
Epoch Time Period City Name Appointments (if any) Involvement in Notable Events Architecture Constructed
Civcraft 1.0 June-July 2012 Kizantium Advisor to Consul R3kon
July-August 2012 Liberty - Member and later Leader of the [Nether] Road Crew
Rapture Septarchy Member Minor involvement in HCF war, particularly at Mount Augusta
Mid 2012, Civtek temp server (Josh & Friends) Diplomat Negotiations for the release of pearled Ancaps
December 2012 - March 2013 Tigerstaden Judge, Parliament Member The Secession of Walkford
Civcraft 2.0 Mid 2013 Aurora Magistrate Impeachment of Chancellor Ogel

Mediation between Zombielenin and MrGerbic

Late 2013 - 2015 Aytos City Planner, Parliament Member Redesign of the town square and roads

Bloodcrew Pearlings

Foofed Memorial Tenement Drama

Arbitrator for Peter5903

Civcraft 3.0 2016 Mount Augusta -
CivClassic July - October 2017 Southshire - Expulsion for involvements in Lexington
Late 2017 Lexington - Minor involvement in the Sombre War
Early 2018 Holy Jaded Empire - Managing the 1st HJE election
Early - Late 2018 Yoahtl Councillor, Auditor Negotiations for the release of Southernbloc

Internal political disputes with Wingzero (and others)

Late 2018 Hallow -
March 2019 - Late 2019 Mount Augusta (CivClassic) Diplomat Negotiations for the release of Figasaur

Political disagreements with Citylion and temporary suspension

Hjaltland legal infringements

March 2020 - Present South Augusta Interim State Councillor