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Dr_Oracle is a long time CivCraft player, playing since June 2012 in CivCraft 1.0[1][2] serving in the HCF War and helped to establish Kizantium[3]. He is also the editor of the Empty Promises magazine. In Civcraft 2.0 he lived in Aytos and helped welcome lemuractionnews of Columbia. During CivCraft 3.0 Dr_Oracle moved between Concordia and Mount Augusta[3]. Dr_Oracle is currently a citizen of Mount Augusta[4] but has also been involved with HJE, Southshire, Yoahtl[3], the Commonwealth and Lexington[5]. Dr_Oracle co-owns an island group west of Airhaven known as the Antipodean Union at -5000 9000, and an Island west of MTA known as El Caro at roughly -7777 2700.

Dr_Oracle's Profile Picture
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 1.0
Epoch Time Period City Name Appointments (if any) Involvement in Notable Events Architecture Constructed
Civcraft 1.0 June-July 2012 Kizantium Advisor to Consul R3kon
July-August 2012 Liberty - Member and later Leader of the [Nether] Road Crew
Rapture Septarchy Member Minor involvement in HCF war, particularly at Mount Augusta Pseudowalker's House.png
Mid 2012, Civtek temp server (Josh & Friends) Diplomat Negotiations for the release of pearled Ancaps
December 2012 - March 2013 Tigerstaden Judge, Parliament Member The Secession of Walkford Tigerstaden Hotel.png
Civcraft 2.0 Mid 2013 Aurora Magistrate Impeachment of Chancellor Ogel

Mediation between Zombielenin and MrGerbic

The Doctor's Institute.png
Late 2013 - 2015 Aytos City Planner, Parliament Member Redesign of the town square and roads

Bloodcrew Pearlings

Foofed Memorial Tenement Drama

Arbitrator for Peter5903

Empty Promises Headquarters.png
Civcraft 3.0 2016 Mount Augusta - Home for Lost and Empty Promises.png
CivClassic July - October 2017 Southshire - Expulsion for involvements in Lexington
Late 2017 Lexington - Minor involvement in the Sombre War
Early 2018 Holy Jaded Empire - Managing the 1st HJE election
Early - Late 2018 Yoahtl Councillor, Auditor Negotiations for the release of Southernbloc

Internal political disputes with Wingzero (and others)

Antediluvian Towers.png
Late 2018 Hallow -
March 2019 - Late 2019 Mount Augusta (CivClassic) Diplomat Negotiations for the release of Figasaur

Political disagreements with Citylion and temporary suspension

Hjaltland legal infringements

March 2020 - Present South Augusta Interim State Councillor