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Current CitizenshipsYoahtl Flag.pngYoahtl
Known ForMilitary Commander
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Neosaur, more well known as Neotide or NeoTide_. He is the Daimyō of Okashima. Helped to defend Icenia from raids during its infancy, in particular building Icenia's first pot bunker. Neosaur joined in with Icenian protests that took place in Mount Augusta over the pearling of Figasaur on the 24th of April, the mayor citylion freed Figasaur the next day. Disagreements between Neosaur and Meat312 were partially responsible for the creation of Caledonia. He was involved in the Chanseatic State Raids. Participated in the 2nd Olympics held in the Commonwealth. Won the first ever Civ Quiz Gameshow.