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First Civ ServerDevoted 3.0
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ComradeRick was the Vice President of Columbia, and a defense councilman of the UDF. He is often confused for ComradeNick, Emperor of the HJE.

He is presently the caretaker of the HJE's cities.


Devoted 3.0

Upon joining Devoted 3.0 on October 9th, 2017, Rick, under the name YourAverageRick, wandered around, looking for Volterra. Upon arriving, he found it was dead, and MrLlamma advised him to go to Essina, and said he'd give Rick a discord link. It never came, and the server shut down a few days later.

CivClassic 2.0

Not sure what to do after Devoted went down, he went looking for political minecraft servers, eventually finding an advertisement for Tierra de Conciencia on duolingo. He joined their discord, as well as CivClassic, randomspawning and boating for an hour to reach El Capitolio. He quickly shot up through the ranks by grinding ores and infrastructure, such as the HITS rail line. He went inactive in May of 2018, and resurfaced in May of 2019. Self conscious about his voice, for the next 2.5 years he didn't use a mic until he lost a bet with Columbians Lemuractionnews and Haecceity in march of 2020.

After returning, he went to Icenia seeking work and a place to settle. Eventually deciding to hermit in the +,+, he met Neotide and Hockey328, who would eventually become some of his closest allies and friends. He later joined Caledonia, leaving in September of 2019 due to conflicts between him and various individuals.

Having been invited to Columbia by shadedoom in July of that year, and seeing that they made peace, he accepted the offer, and claimed the beach town of Norfolk as his own. In December he helped lead the charge against Rhodesia in the Columbian Bush War, leading the defense of the Crucible against the Rhodesian forces. Whilst looting the Rhodesian XP complex, he mutated to grow a third ball.

Quickly going through the ranks in the UDF due to his exceptional autism and contributions to the Infinity War, he quickly became a defense council member.

He actively fought the NATO alliance until he was pearled at the Hallow vault break, but was accidentally freed somehow by pirater and subsequently showed up to break the Zoomerbox, Best Western Hotel, and Vault 76. Growing tired of shadedoom's consistent babyrages in vc and general lack of appreciation for anything he did, he left Columbia.

He left his account ComradeRick behind in the HJE to make sure its cities aren't griefed and to give tours to curious individuals.


He and R3kon wrote the newfriend guide on r/CivTest.


Rick didn't play seriously until Columbia came to CivRealms, leading the charge against the (bad) Roman imperialists. He was BTFO'd by Savaguard because TRE whined to them. He is just a jaja clicker for Varathia now.




  • Contributor of the CivThinkTank
  • Vice President of Columbia
  • Defense councilman of the UDF
  • Slayer of Rhodesia
  • Leader of the Columbian Comrade Communist Party