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Gotter in Sigmaringen
Personal Info
Known ForBeing one of the main Prussians in CC
Main ResidenceSigmaringen

Gotterdammer, full name Gotter D. Ammer, but goes by Gotter, is one of the main contributors in Prussia. He is a member of the Order of St Marcus with 30 points. He has traveled extensively throughout CivClassics.


Gotter's primary contributions to CivClassics include:


  • Organizing the style and layout of Sigmaringen
  • The Town Hall of Sigmaringen
  • The Church of t of Sigmaringen
  • His house
  • Helping design the polders of Sigmaringen
  • The windmill and fish shoppe on the polders
  • Castle Sigmaringen, with construction help from Kaelthas88
  • The fields around the Castle
  • Planting the Prussian forest
  • Roads and bridges throughout the small lands
  • The Sigmaringen-Taozi Overland Railway and Sigmaringen Station


  • Helping organize Prussia
  • Writing the Code of Prussia
  • Editing the wiki
  • Making maps and images for smaller circulations

Civ Timeline

Gotter joined the Civcraft series in November 2012 and has been an integral part of the Prussian clique since. He became a Minister of Prussia in 2.0 and was crowned Gotter I of Prussia, Emperor of the HKE, on 25 October 2014, which he held for five months until stepping down due to irl obligations.

He continued with Prussia in CivClassics in Spring 2019 and has made numerous contributions to Sigmaringen.