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Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForMaester Alliance
Main ResidenceWalo Nena Assembly, Mt Augusta
TitlesMaester of the Council, Maester Alliance; Fellow, Order of St. Marcus
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 1.0
Miscellaneous Info
Book-related missions attempted on

Marcus_Flaminius, also known as Maester Flaminius, is a periodically active member of the Maester Alliance and an honorary member of the Order of St. Marcus. Although he initially started playing in Civcraft 1.0, he is mostly known for his efforts at reviving the Alliance in Civcraft 2.0, but also for preserving books and propagating libraries in general.


I'm Marcus_Flaminius, reddit account Flaminius, an anarcho-æstheticist and the Maester of the Lands Beyond Tenpo Assembly.

I do the odd grammatical and factual corrections on the main articles from time to time, based on what I know from having been on the server since April 4th 2012. Earlier on I focused on maintaining the article of my 1.0 home city, Rapture.

As of August 2013 I have taken on the revival of the Maester Alliance, which occupies most of my Minecraft time, and the preservation of books in general. Doing all that on the side of my university assignments, I don't have any time for the wiki these days, but I hope to do some necessary edits in the months to come.

I quit the server on April 4th, 2013, and now only log in to ghost around once in a blue moon. I am a liar since May 2013.

— Marcus_Flaminius, old wiki userpage from 2013

CivClassic 2.0

Maester Flaminius standing at the Kamakon Assembly Northern gate in Mt. Augusta, 2018

On CivClassic 2.0, he lived in and worked out of the Kamakon Assembly, the headquarters of the Maester Alliance, in the city of Mt. Augusta, helping to develop and maintain the Shardore Tower Library.


On CivMC, he is residing in the Walo Nena Assembly of the Maester Alliance in Mt Augusta.


His CivWiki work can be seen on his user contributions page.