The No State Commune

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The No State Commune
Unofficial Flag
Map of TNSC claims north of Acadia
Location3200, -11350
Foundation dateJuly 22th, 2021
Preceded byGuthrie Commune
IdeologyCommunism, Anarchism, Pacifism

The No State Commune, commonly known as TNSC and sometimes referred to as Tri-Nostate Area Autonomy, was a CivClassics nation/town comprised of communists, socialists and anarchists founded by RainOfPain125, located in +,- directly north of Acadia, and was publicly declared on July 22nd, 2021.[1] It was later renamed Consortium.


A week or so prior to its founding, RainOfPain125 was told by Zombie_Striker that CivClassics was a fun server and invited them to come play. Initially Rain planned to enter into Acadia, plans changed when it was realized that Acadia was mostly made up of the same people who ran Norlund on CivRealms who not only disliked, but were hostile towards Rain.

Instead Rain decided to start a town north of Acadia. The area was specially chosen because it was close enough to Acadia maintain contact and do fun stuff with Zombie, but far enough that conflicts would be less likely to occur. Though it was especially chosen because the area sat on a point where three different biomes collided together, hence why jokes about the Tri-State Area and Doofenshmirtz were involved.

Rain invited his political peers to come play; and did not commit to any advertising campaigns to attract any civ or non-civ players to join, unlike with his previous experiments such as the Industrial Workers of the World. There was no plans to create a gigantic nation, organization, or to rival any particular nations - everyone wanted to chill, build, and have fun. Zombie would provide some resources to help the town out in the beginning, often visiting to say hello, give gifts, or other such polite gestures.

Acadia Conflict

TNSC Post-War

With Rain and Zombie out of the picture due to what had occurred, the remaining newfriends of TNSC continued despite having lost so much. They rebranded the nation as Consortium in their attempt to disassociate with what had happened. They pretended to hate Rain in order to gain the trust of Acadia so that Acadia would stop raiding and being hostile towards them and the town. Meanwhile the members would invite Rain back to the town on alts so he could appreciate their progress and builds.

Acadia was willing to help Consortium back on its feet[2] on the understanding that if they were found the be housing RainOfPain125 that they would be met with hostile actions. Bloof took to their discord to give gentle guidance if asked, as well as give multiple lessons on cybersecurity.

Rain was named as the Eternal Chairmen during his absence as a joke. He logged on for a moment and the members spammed public chat hailing him as the glorious supreme leader that would bring them to salvation, before logging off a minute later. This stirred up problems with Acadia once more, as Acadia now believed that they were hiding Rain somewhere. They told Acadia and other nations that they were not, and yet those nations refused to believe it. In a final attempt to save themselves, the members bluffed, saying they know the coordinates where he had logged off and would only tell them if everyone remained peaceful. They did not care and proceeded to pearl all of the newfriends - and unknowingly pearled Rain's alt - and then released him along with the rest of them later.

All these events lead to the town slowly decaying and losing its way, depreciating into a project none of the members no longer wanted to contribute to, due to having to lie and pretend towards their bigger neighboring bullies.

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