Concordat between the Church of Ranubis and the Free Danzilonan Republic

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Concordat between the Church of Ranubis and the Free Danzilonan Republic
CoR-FDR Concordat
First page of the Concordat
DraftedMarch 24, 2022
SignedMarch 27, 2022
EffectiveMarch 29, 2022

The Concordat between the Church of Ranubis and the Free Danzilonan Republic, also known as the CoR-FDR Concordat, is a treaty between the Church of Ranubis (CoR) and the Free Danzilonan Republic (FDR) that establishes special rights and privileges for Disciples of Ranubis within the FDR without first requiring them to become citizens. It was drafted at the request of the Grant Priest of Ranubism, wingnut4096, and it is seen by wing as the ultimate culmination of the relationship between Danzilona and the CoR that had existed for almost 10 years at the time of its signing.[1] The Concordat was passed unanimously by the Danzilonan populace at the time on March 29, 2022.[2]


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Ranubism is a Civ religion that revolves around the Egyptian gods of Ra and Anubis coming together in perfect harmony and creating everything we see. It was founded by wingnut4096 and his IRL friends and family and brought to Danzilona on Civcraft 1.0 sometime in late 2012. Although it had a more modest presence on 1.0, it became much more prominent on Civcraft 2.0 with a new religious zealotry and the founding of the autonomous DPNCCR within the Danzilonan Federation. Using the DPNCCR as a base of operations and the site of conversions, Ranubism grew to the largest religion within New Danzilona, and wing became dedicated to stomping out other competing religions. After wing burned down a rival religious temple and Danzilonans sought his arrest in the spring of 2014, he largely quit playing Civcraft seriously and was less aggressive in spreading Ranubism from that point on.

When wingnut returned for CivMC in early 2022, he wanted to revive the CoR and bring about a new age of zealotry. Citing the Church's extensive relationship with Danzilona up to that point, he requested that this relationship be recognised and codified, resulting in the Concordat.

Treaty content

Rights granted to the Church

The Concordat created a separate route of receiving rights and protections within the FDR by becoming a Disciple of Ranubis. The treaty ensured that Disciples could settle and receive protections within the FDR without going through the formal citizenship process. As Grand Priest, it specifically gave wingnut expanded powers within the state, including first-dib rights on any public land if he wished to build Church structures there first, as well as giving him the power to personally prosecute and sentence individuals who committed crimes against the Church.

Concessions given to Danzilona

In exchange, the Church committed to not establishing a Concordat with any other nation on CivMC, ensuring that it remained a solely Danzilonan institution.

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