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The Workers' Party (TWP)
First SecretarySandFalls
Central Committee
FoundedDecember 27, 2010 (2010-12-27)


Political positionFar left
SloganLiberté, Égalité, Sororité
National Forum (CDM)
1 / 7
Vennish High Council
1 / 3

The Workers' Party, often abbreviated to TWP, is an organization founded on December 27th 2010[1] in the GoldenCreeper server[2] that has been mostly active, in CivClassic, in Mount Augusta and is now one of the most important structures of the CCCP. With the creation of the charter of the Union of Socialist Augusta (later called Confederation of Socialist Augusta) and its later independence, the Party was not officially implicated in the governing of the territory of the USA but still had a large role to play in it, with many USA citizens being Party members, and the new CSA charter provided no change to the officiality of the Party in government. However, with the creation of the CCCP and its new charter in late 2021, the Party gained official powerful roles within the Confederation[3]: namely that the Premier of the CCCP is the leader of TWP and the fact that only Party members may vote in CCCP-wide votes. Its motto is "Liberté, Égalité, Sororité".[4]


Loose Family History of TWP[5]


Founded on the 27th of December 2010 in the GoldenCreeper server at the same time as a city called Leningrad[2].

CivCraft 1.0

[To be written]

CivCraft 2.0

At the beginning of 2.0, Comrade ZombieLenin would go to the +- and found the city of New Leningrad.

[Early 2.0 History]

After the retirement of Comrade ZombieLenin, he appointed Comrade Romec to the role of Party leadership. However, Romec quickly developed a severe case of Obsidian Lung due to prolonged shifts in the obsidian mines serving the ZombieLeninist ideal. He was put into intensive care in the New Leningrad Hospital, and Party leadership was passed on to BolleDeBoll. Very soon after this, Romec broke quarantine from his hospital room and escaped to the Capitalist world due to serious neurodegenerative side-effects from Obsidian Lung.

BolleDeBoll led New Leningrad during the Olympics, admission to the North Eastern Alliance, the formation of the Eastern Bloc, and the formation of the Federal Socialist Republic along with Centauri and Montarnis.

During the era of the FSR, The Workers' Party was an official part of the National Soviet, with its Central Committee given a guaranteed seat.

In Mount Augusta (Civ Classic)

In Civ Classic Mount Augusta, The Workers' Party took hold in the south of MtA through BolleDeBoll, where Little Leningrad now stands. However, with the foundation of Maltovia by the Party, their lands in MtA went abandoned until Renrits1 and his brothers built the Anti-Fascist Wall, which prompted the return of SandFalls to Augustan lands. The lands of the Party expanded and were developed. organized a large voting block to elect favorable Judges or Mayors[6].


The Party's program consisted of five key ideas[7]. The first of which, nationalization, was to be achieved through the office of the Mayor. The Party aimed to apply the phrase "from each according to his ability, to each according to his contribution" by making the government own all major industry. The second major idea was anti-imperialism, with the Party demanding that all Augustan imperialism stop immediately and indefinitely. The third idea, anti-nationalism, sought to denounce fascism and nationalism, which they qualified the National Union Party of. The fourth idea was worker unity; the Party sought to make all civ players of the working class to realize their potential and adhere to socialist ideals. The fifth and final main idea, vanguardism, stated that The Workers' Party was to be the vanguard of the upcoming revolution and the people, and that should they have been elected they would only act in the best interest of the people.


While operating in Mount Augusta, The Workers' Party followed a structure placing the First Secretary at its head, followed by the Central Committee. Members were either full Members or Sympathizers, who did not have the same rights as Members but were still recognized as apart of the party.

First Secretary

The First Secretary, also known as eternal party head, was the elected head of the party who was tasked with "the maintenance and management of the Central Committee to which it is responsible to"[6] and who, after being elected, kept their position until they retired. The First Secretary could be recalled through 3/4ths vote of the entire Party membership.

Central Committee

The Central Committee was the central organ of The Workers' Party, tasked with aiding in "running and organizing the day-to-day work of the Party". Appointed by the First Secretary when they get elected, the Central Committee passed amendments resolutions proposed by either a full member of a member of the Central Committee with a 2/3rds vote. If a proposed amendment or resolution failed in the Central Committee vote, it would be voted on by all full Party members, where it could pass with a simple majority. Members of the Central Committee could be dismissed at will by the First Secretary.


All those who had voting rights in MtA, who were in agreement with the Party and who wished to participate actively in the Party were eligible to become Party members. Upon joining, members were placed in a probation period in which they were not permitted to vote on intra-party resolutions and proposals but were still expected to vote with the Party in national elections. There was no set time for this probation period as the Central Committee decided when probationary members became full members.

"Sympathizers" were people who were in agreement with the Party but did not wish to commit to Party membership. Sympathizers could not vote within the Party and did not have the same rights as full members but were officially recognized as Party members.

Voting Procedure

Unless decided otherwise by the Central Committee, all full members voted in party-wide votes to elect the "candidate the Party endorses". The election was cut up into two stages. The first stage, lasting 48 hours and known as the nomination period, is the stage in which full members may declare their candidacy and discuss relevant issues. The second stage, also lasting 48 hours, known as the election period, is when full members may vote for a candidate.

In Independent Confederation of Socialist Augusta

Historically, The Worker's Party was not officially involved in the governance of the USA and the CSA per their respective charters[8][9], however, many citizens of the USA and thus CSA were members of the Party, including SandFalls, leader of both the former and later. The USA/CSA discord was the same one as the Party and party members hold admin status in the discord.

In the Confederation of Cities, Communes and Protectorates

The Party took a more official role with the implementation of the charter of the Confederation of Cities, Communes and Protectorates[3] following the merger between the CSA and the Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate. In the new CCCP, the leader of the Confederation is the leader of the Party, and only Party members may vote in CCCP-wide votes, such as the election of the Vice-Premier and votes on legislation. The Workers' Party is thus one of the most important organizations of the Confederation, and, by extension, of leftism on the CivClassic server.

Mery-Statist Schism

Main Article: Mery

After the closure of CivClassic in late 2021, The Worker's Party would move to CivRev as the Mery Horde and later to Vintage Civ as Hwillotati. This period marked a significant shift in the Party, as many of its rank-and-file members would move in this religiously anarchist direction and form the Mery culture, which party leaders would go on to describe as their "rebellious phase." Though it would not be dominated by the party, its leaders would double down on the more authoritarian side of its politics and planned to establish The State on CivMC, a self-described Noocracy led by a council of esoteric Apocryphals who are not to be questioned. In contrast, the anarchist Mery people would go on to found the Djani Wirehtshig Mehriteht, or Holy Realm of the Mery, in which they lived by the principles of mutual aid and fluid self-governance. Though the members of the two sides would still remain close friends and allies, this era would be the first time in over 6 years where the party members were not only not united under one banner, but also where the party would have no ruling authority over any state its members resided in.

On May 22, 2022, TWP central committee members withdrew from their involvement in The State, making them outside of any government going into CivMC. The State was never actually established once CivMC launched on June 2, 2022.

In Pavia, Danzilona, and Proxima (CivMC)

The TWP Danzilonan Commune's Palace

With much of their former party members now dedicated to the Mery and other, non-Mery party leaders being mostly inactive, instead of founding their own nation, TWP decided to found its own semi-autonomous communes within friendly nations on CivMC, most notably in Pavia and in Danzilona. In Pavia, SandFalls heads the County of South Lucassio, which contains communal buildings, farms, and a church to ZombieLenin that contains some TWP artefacts. In Danzilona, both SandFalls and BolleDeBoll run the Danzilonan Commune, consisting of a TWP headquarters in the central DanzShaft and a bigger palace located on an island right off the coast. However, due to Bolle's IRL busyness and Sand's departure from Danzilona following the failed 2023 Danzilonan coup d'état attempt, the Danzilonan Commune is currently dormant.

On February 20, 2023, TWP was granted its very own sovereign nation by the Elysian Pact on former Kallos land in the aftermath of the Purple War.[10] SandFalls named this new country Proxima as a sequel to the CivCraft 2.0 nation of Centauri, which she helped co-found. A site of many public works spearheaded by Sand and Red_Steel, Proxima is currently TWP's most active headquarters.


The symbol of TWP's ideology. From left to right: The heads of ZombieLenin, BolleDeBoll, and SandFalls.


Much of the core ideology of The Workers' Party was derived from the ideas of its founder, ZombieLenin. ZombieLenin (aka ZL) was a self-described Left-Communist[11] and Leninist[12] who was the leader of TWP and the nations it controlled (most notably Leningrad on CivCraft 1.0) from the party's foundation in 2010 until stepping down as party chairman in August 2013.[13] ZL's ideology was anti-democratic, as he believed a political party (which may or may not be internally democratic) should lead the nation unilaterally, backed up by a paramilitary wing.[14] ZL believed workers should be included in the party as much as possible, even if they only held low-level positions, and they should always have jobs to do through means of public works projects.[15] Propaganda is also a major aspect of ZombieLeninism, as ZL himself was keen on making posters and art in order to boost worker morale.[16]

Following his departure, TWP donned ZL the "Eternal President" of the party, cementing his influence within the party regardless of his actual activity.


The emergence of ZombieLeninism-Bolleshevism can date its origins back to Maltovia, which TWP founded on CivClassic 2.0 in June 2018.[17] However, it really took shape when it was implemented by SandFalls as the system of governance of the Confederation of Socialist Augusta and subsequently the Confederation of Cities Communes and Protectorates in 2021. Also known as Anarcho-Stalinism, the oxymoron of the ideology describes its two-pronged approach to governance. On a day-to-day basis, governance is mostly anarchic, with citizens living by means of mutual aid and free association and largely doing whatever they want with only basic regulation, regardless of their affiliation with the party itself. However, whenever there is an unresolvable dispute in regards to policy, foreign affairs, or between at least two citizens, the Party steps in and rules unilaterally, hence the Stalinism.

Governance and Structure

Since the renaming of the USA to the CSA and even before, The Workers' Party has become very informal in its structure in governance, with no written text to determine hierarchy or roles. However, structure can still be observed, mainly on the CCCP/TWP discord and in what the First Secretary, SandFalls, says.

Eternal President and Eternal Chairman

There are two honorary titles within The Workers' Party[18]: Eternal President, held by ZombieLenin, and Eternal Chairman, held by BolleDeBoll after his retirement. In theory, both these positions have simply delegated their powers to the current First Secretary and can revoke those delegations at any moment and take back power[19], however in practice both people who hold these titles are largely inactive and are unlikely to rescind their delegations of power to the First Secretary SandFalls.

First Secretary

The First Secretary of The Workers' Party is the de facto leader of the Party in day-to-day affairs. The current First Secretary is SandFalls. She is the fourth leader of TWP, succeeding BolleDeBoll. The First Secretary is appointed by the previous Party head when they retire[19].

Central Committee

The Central Committee is the central organ of TWP. There are three current Central Committee members: SandFalls, Smal, and BolleDeBoll. Central Committee members are added or removed with the consent of a majority of extant Central Committee members[19][20].


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