Mount Augusta (Civcraft 2.0)

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Mount Augusta
Location2600, 2100
DemonymAugustan • Mount Augustan
GovernmentDirect Democratic Republic
Governing documentThe Constitution of Mount Augusta (Pre-Modern Version)
Foundation dateMarch 2012

Mount Augusta's iteration in Civcraft 2.0 was a democratic-autocratic city-state located at 2600, 2100. The history of Mount Augusta in 2.0 during that time retains certain features of the Civcraft 1.0 city, but was bigger in every respect. Additionally, the Independent Principality of Loveshack was landlocked in Mount Augusta, and the sides of the streets and roads are mostly lined with spruce wood. An identical recreation of the Arch from 1.0 Augusta, the 1.0 Augustan Communist Party Headquarters and a recreation of the 1.0 courthouse are also to be found.


In Civcraft 2.0, Mount Augusta was not immediately reformed, unlike many other heavily populated cities from the first map. Many Augustans continued with other cities (such as New Augusta, Carson, The Commonwealth and Lio) or simply became inactive.

It was not until a number of months into 2.0 when LeonardU made a call to Augustans to come together again and recreate the city on the new map. Off to the side of a quiet road leading into the deep (+,+), the first ground was broken and Mount Augusta began again. Old and new residents came to the location and the core of the city quickly sprang up.

Early Months

The city grew quickly and became a significant member of international trade, due to its ideal location along the CIC Yellow line, between Carbon and Holy Tree. But after a fast initial growth, interest in the city started to die down along with a start of raids. These raids included IRO'd streets, and theft, notably Zaphod100 (caretaker mayor at the time) losing the majority of his valuables. The city fell into disrepair, with it only having 1 permanent resident (Zaphod100) in the April CAI.

First Golden Age of Mount Augusta

A player called Wanado144 joined the city and together with Zaphod100 cleared the city up and got interest going again. Many new citizens, primarily British players and their friends, joined and the city started to experience rapid urban growth. By June the city hit its peak population in 2014, with 27 active citizens.[1] This period is generally seen by the people who were around at the time as the first 'Golden Age' of Mount Augusta in 2.0, as the population grew rapidly, economic output and prosperity increased, and Mount Augusta developed new ties with other nations.

Revival of Shallow Plus Plus

The entire Shallow Plus Plus saw a major increase in activity during May-July of 2014, partially thanks to the increase in activity of Mount Augusta and her economic growth.

The city of East Ridge, which had been established north in early April, grew in parallel with Mount Augusta, at times reaching higher population and activity than Mount Augusta during May and early June. Mount Augusta and East Ridge developed close and friendly relations, and a rail line was quickly set up between the cities. Many old East Ridgians moved into New Detroit and Mount Augusta after the summer.

Other settlements around Mount Augusta sprung up and were revived in June 2014. The desert city of Goodsprings was settled once again, and the city of New Detroit was established on the west bank of the (later named) Santzu River. The growth of these two cities and their close proximity to Mount Augusta set the scene for the establishment of Gensokyo and lengthy political tensions that were to dominate the atmosphere in the region for nearly half a year after the summer of 2014.

The New_Yardbird Incident

In July 2014, after a serious quarrel between some of the older members and ShadedJon (also known as Bonkill), old members planned to leave the city and make their own settlement. Over late summer of 2014, goods were moved and the old members who had revived the city in May started to leave. The plan fell through, some members returning to Mount Augusta. This angered New_Yardbird, who had been a central figure in this exodus. He decided to destroy most of the city's factories which had been managed by him, IRO the streets and kill players in the city. He repeated this stunt three times, with no discernible purpose. This led to the resignation of Zaphod100 as mayor and his temporary departure from Civcraft, and the rise of ShadedJon as mayor of Mount Augusta.

The end of July 2014 can be seen as the end of the First Golden Age, after which activity slowly declined and growth stagnated from the peak of June, the like of which would not be seen until April 2015.

The Autumn of Drama

In August, Mount Augusta was still enjoying a relatively high level of activity compared to most cities, coming third on the GIMP survey. For most of the rest of 2014, the average population slowly declined in Mount Augusta, although minor growth spurts did occur. During this period, Gensokyo grew rapidly in terms of population and land claims, which caused lengthy disputes with Mount Augusta, mostly fueled by individuals from both nations, and the proximity and growth of New Detroit.

In early January 2015, the Gensokyo-Augusta Treaty of Friendship was ratified by both member states, ending the political tensions that had existed since the summer of 2014 by officially establishing borders between Mount Augusta and Gensokyo, and normalizing the political relations between the states.

The Rumble in Mount Augusta

{{Main|Civcraft2Import:conflicts/Rumble in mount augusta]]

The Rumble in Mount Augusta was a minor battle between members of the Eden Group and a coalition of Nox and Chanada. Due to the presence of Papa_Pound, a coalition of primarily Eden/World Police arrived and began to make a show of force, as if to intimidate both the city of Mount Augusta and its people.

The Goten Crisis

Goten, a district of New Detroit seceded from Gensokyo, and ceded themselves to Mount Augusta. This action broke the Gensokyo-Augusta Treaty of Friendship. A coalition of foreign soldiers arrived in Goten, and it was thought that violence would break out in Augusta. While there was little violence, and the coalition was soon disbanded, Gensokyo no longer felt safe near Augusta, and sold their western lands to Bryn, retreating to their eastern lands.

The Nox War

When the conflict between the World Police and Nox became violent, Augusta initially stayed neutral, dissolving their defence pact with Nox. However, when Nox DRO griefed Aurora, a group of Augustans went to clear DRO, and ended up pearling a Noxian that attacked them. This caused Nox to attack Augusta, but they were held back by the combined forces of the World Police and Augusta, who later launched an assault on the Noxian Vault, becoming the first group to successfully break a megavault.

The End of 2.0

On the 10th of January 2016, it was revealed that Civcraft 2.0 was going to end. The server went into chaos, with much violence erupting across the server. Prof_TANSTAAFL resigned as mayor, and plans for Mount Augusta in Civcraft 3.0 were made.