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Portrait of Gjum
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForCCMap
Main ResidenceCivCorp, Zen (map storage and display[1])
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • German
Civ Servers
Iterations played on

Gjum is a guy who does an awful lot for the wiki and Minecraft server. Has a CivTCG card in his honour. He likes documenting Civ history and making maps, mods, and other utilities.


Creator of several interactive web maps:

CivBooks is a webpage where you can read full books written on Civcraft 1.0-3.0, Devoted 2.0/3.0 and CivClassic.

RecipeTree is a web tool to calculate resources required to run FactoryMod recipes on CivClassic (see also CivTopWolf's fork for the CivRealms version).

Created several Civ mods:

Updated some Civ mods such as SnitchMaster and CivRadar (but prefers CombatRadar now).

Helps User:Squareblob to manage this wiki.

Fixed VisualEditor on the CivWiki by fixing the extra signature of namespaces.[2]

Civ Timeline

First played Civ during Civcraft 3.0, struggling in Concordia for a few newfriend days before moving to Aquila. Helped revive Aquila on Devoted 3.0, later filling the position of Chief Justice. When CivClassic launched, he joined the returning OG Aquilans to make Impasse. With CivRealms activity rising and the Mir-NATO War making CivClassic less and less enjoyable, in May 2020 he decided to leave CivClassic and play on CivRealms.

Pronunciation of "Gjum"

The pronunciation of Gjum's name is one of the, if not the greatest mystery in civclassics, and has caused great controversy and difficulty in the CivClassics community. Many different pronunciations are taken as standard among different circles of players. The most notable are as follows:

  • ʤiː ʤʌm
  • ʤʌm
  • gjʌm
  • ʤiː jʌm
  • gʔʤʌm
  • gʒʌm
  • 6jurn[3]
  • gamsi ['gam.zi] (Amilin pronunciation)

According to highly advanced Neural Networks: