Aurora (Civcraft 2.0)

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Aurora, Jewel of the +,-
Location4400, -1600
Activity level60
AllianceAgoran Federation
Capital cityAurora
• Leaders
Taargus, Doymand, dkode80
Foundation dateMay 2013 (2.0)
Preceded byAgora (Civcraft 1.0)
Succeeded byAurora (Civcraft 3.0) Aurora (CivClassic)
MottoProducio, Pax, Prosperitas

Aurora was the largest city in the +,- (4400, -1600) and one of the most populous and prosperous cities on the server, Aurora had been one of the most stable cities in the quadrant. It was the capital of the Agoran Federation, and it used to be a member of the True Neutral League[1] until it was disbanded.

It was run by a chancellor and 2 magistrates, and the Aurora city was ruled by a governor and a chief justice. The city was home to a number of gentlemen, which secretly ruled the city.[citation needed] The city maintained New Agora's history of free land and free market economy.

A large wave of inactivity swept Aurora, leaving one or two active citizens. What was once one of the most prosperous cities, became deserted.


The city was broken into 7 separate districts.

Bay Front

This district is the oldest district in town and it consists of the structures surrounding Aurora Bay. The Bay Front has some of the most visited shops in town and is also home to the WHO Hostel and currently one ship.


Downtown is the area south of the Bayfront. Its most distinctive feature is its tall towers. Agora square is in the Downtown district and it serves as a monument to all of the Federation's cities in Civ1.

South/Farming District

South of the Downtown, you will find the farming district of Aurora. The farming district contains very large pieces of public farmland, a variety of wheat, melon, and pumpkin. Private farming plots were also handed out. Population and housing continued into the south district after the downtown filled up. The south is also home of the Doctor's Research Institute. It is also the future site of Chancellor's Landing.

University City

The University City is a large plot of land, northeast of the Bay. It is the site of the very ambitious Agora State University project, a project carried on from New Agora on Civ1. The university will serve to educate people on in game characteristics, such as plugins and mods, history (especially that of 1.0), geography, as well as Minecraft mechanics such as enchanting, brewing, and redstone.


The most recent development in Aurora is the western district of NorthPark. It will be a combination of Colonial/Victorian homes near the Bayfront and houserows in the area closer to the Agorapark. It will serve as a new shop district as well as more residential for the rapidly expanding city population.

Industrial District

A project started in July, by Peppermingpig, who at the time served as Secretary of Interior, the Industrial District is characterised by significantly larger plot sizes, sold for higher prices, with the intent of increasing the amount of factories, and trade goods in Aurora.

the Undercity

Though not recognized as a district by the federal government, the Undercity exists as a separate entity underneath Aurora.

When Aurora was first being erected, the land was heavly flattened. This left large caverns underneath the city, especially the downtown district. The Undercity, for a long time, was home to the Redhats' base, though has spawned several more entities, suchas Hobo City, and the Uk Tersk Staksa cult. It is now primarily used as a mushroom farm.

Notable Events

The Mirango Incident

One of the only major land disputes of 2.0, in which the Mirango Cooperative, lead by Hummelwagen and Mandy set up shop in an area claimed by Bryn. Things escalated quickly as people were pearled and shitposts were posted. Many of the Old Agorans did not like Bryn's conduct during the beginning of 2.0. Aurora and Bryn inched closer to war, but thankfully cooler heads prevailed. Bryn and Aurora are now closer allies than ever as many who encouraged the conflict have made peace of left the city.

Mandy DRO Grief, Clan EZ, The Spaniards, and The Straw Hat HCF

As a major city, Aurora was hit with major griefing attacks during the entire beginning of the map. These attacks threatened the basic security of the city, and many sets of armor were lost. However, through ingenious tactics and infiltration, these griefing groups were either turned or whipped out. Now, many of the former griefers who attacked Aurora live in the town and it's neighbors in peace.

The DRO Grief

Aurora's darkest hour was when Mandy, a reformed griefer from 1.0, decided to go back to griefing. She was able to surprise the town and cause huge amounts of DRO grief to the town. Some talked about abandoning the town, people made backup plans if there was ever an order to leave. The DRO grief stuck with the city for weeks, and marked the town to newfriend and trader alike as a dangerous place. Farley50, jm13853211, legokid moved quickly to temporarily hide the DRO grief by re-routing the streets. This gave the temporary appearance of safety, allowing for the recruitment of new citizens. This quick thinking, along with the timely introduction of Acid Blocks, allowed the town to survive long enough to sure up it's security.

Split With the Old Agorans

When the server started, the transitional government did the best it could to attract many newfriends to the city. With the first fall of kappi, the abandonment of fellowship and increased tension with greifers, Bryn, and new Leningrad the transitional government tried it's best to keep the situation under control. Once the sever got safer, new citizens who were accustomed to a faster pace of life were frustrated by the new slow place of life. The old guard decided they wanted to re-create their quiet haven of New Agora, a decision many new in 2.0 disagreed with.

Pantostado1066 vs FriedrichHyeak

Many of the old guard, dissatisfied with the direction newfriends were taking the city, started to leave. This exodus compounded Aurora’s security problem, and left the city without roots. The some of the citizens who remained, dissatisfied that they were being lead by the very people leaving the city, decided to seek change.

Newfriends, settlers, and dual citizens from Bryn decided run for chancellor on a new constitution and a set of reforms. These reforms took the city rightward, arguably making Aurora the closest thing to a Major Ancap City in 2.0.

In a last ditch effort to maintain power, the former Secretary of State Pantostado1066 ran a dignified and honorable campaign. The vote came down to the wire, but Pantostado1066 decided to concede with honor. Unlike with other cities conflicts, things remained peaceful as the old guard packed up and left. Aside from some drama on the subreddit, and Pantostado1066 "Taking his ball and going home" the transition was remarkably peaceful.

Aurora gets written off

The drama of the old guard leaving, the DRO grief, and the constant attacks brought many people on the subreddit who would write Aurora off. Posts about Aurora's death and abandonment would appear on the subreddit after every drama episode, for the greater part of a month.

While it annoyed some Auroran citizens, and dampened recruitment, it allowed Aurora to fly under the radar for a bit. Griefers didn't want to risk running into a possibly armed camp with little chance of reward, so they turned their attentions to settlements in the +,+ and the -,+. Many of those griefers who remained were infiltrated and broken up before they had a chance to attack. Aurora quietly grew into one of the most populous and prosperous cities on the server. During this time, Aurora established greater alliances with Minas Minas and Bryn. Capital influx from Bryn allowed for the creation of Aurora's first major co-op CadreVatra.

New Leningrad and the Breakup of the True Neutral League

Like most of the server, ZombieLenin had write off Aurora. He proclaimed himself to be in charge of the True Neutral League and that he was going to replace all the wealth in the quadrant with worthless pieces of paper. Since nobody took him seriously, he decided to hire griefers to take the diamonds, so he could give the useless paper back. Aurora decided to the reasonable thing and make a shitpost on the subreddit. MrGerbic along with most of Bryn and Aurora was not amused. A couple invasions, some battles, lots of shitposting, and one very stupid sit in later, most of New Leningrad’s citizens, including ZombieLennin were peacefully counting "lennings" in Bryntanimo. DEATH TO BRYN! BURN THEIR HOMES!

Bryn + Aurora vs Claytican

New Leningrad’s ass kicking attracted the attention of Claytican, a griefer clan nation that was partially responsible for causing the abandonment of Fellowship. They wanted to fight someone, and they though it would be easy to take on Bryn with a little surprise attack of 20 people. They didn't know everybody in Bryn and Aurora was going to be there in diamond armor and prot. 30 Seconds later the Claytican armies were running away from the combined armies of Aurora, Bryn, and some Kappi/Minas folk crossed their Sharp V Fire II with Claytican's Bane III Iron swords. That victory, along with outstanding activity index reports, solidified Aurora and Bryn's place as a world power.

MattaMatress and Carson NSA

Carson, a city in the (-,+), quickly emerged as a world power in Civcraft 2.0. Often dubbed "The Dev City" many of those good at programming reside there. Through a combination of innovation, exploitation of an unbalanced baked potato recipe, and the use of bots, Carson quickly became one of the richest cities in civcraft. Seeking to expand his hegemony, MattaMatress and several other individuals from Carson, decided to make a pay-for-access global snitch net. The net would hook into a bot and it would be able to track greifers across the map. Problem was, these snitches were placed in cities. Bigger problem, MattaMatress did not get permission to place them and actively hid his intentions from the cities he was monitoring. Some Aurorans successfully caught and perled him in the act of placing noteblocks throughout Aurora. This happened: Through negotiations a mutually acceptable compromise was reached, however, relations between those involved, Carson, and the rest of the sever were strained severally.