Holy Jaded Empire

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Holy Jaded Empire
Capital CityIndifference
Dictator / EmperorComradeNick
FoundedNovember 2017
PopulationTotal 30+
LocationLocated by the Western World Border

The Holy Jaded Empire (abbreviated HJE) was a nation situated near the western world border. It was founded after the decay and fall of Westeros.

While active at one point, HJE was fundamentally destroyed in the concluding months of the Infinity War with the cracking of both Best Western and Vault 76, by Coalition forces. It remains to be seen what will be done with HJE's massive land claims, but as of today the Jaded Custodial State claims custodial status over many of HJE's cities.


The Holy Jaded Empire was divided into Provinces and then into cities. However, there were many one city provinces.


A New Leaf

The creation of the Holy Jaded Empire began when the glorious leader ComradeNick (blessed be his name) decided to look for future prospects as the Kingdom of Westeros crumbled apart. With the help of Impulca, they travelled westward towards the world border and found an obsidian pyramid. Little did they know that this was reinforced, and they began tearing it apart. While tearing down the pyramid, a former Alpokan chancellor, Mrmamizoupie, arrived into the Mumble and befriended the two people tearing the obsidian structure. A couple days later, Mrmamizoupie joined in the destruction of the obsidian structure and thus began the roots of the Holy Jaded Empire. . .

New Arrivals

As time went on, ComradeNick began his recruitment on his former comrades and friends, such as Enygma and Ladezkik (?). With the rise of incoming players into the Holy Jaded Empire, there began a more serious development of what to name this new group of players, and what to name the glorious capital to such a new and glorious nation. After much debate and discussion, Muffinpimp proposed the idea to name the nation the Holy Jaded Empire and Dr_Oracle proposed to name the Capital Indifference. After a swift voting process, the newfound nation became known as the Holy Jaded Empire and the capital as Indifference. While most of these discussions were going on, ComradeNick decided to invite GeneralThomas into the Holy Jaded Empire to help in it's growth.

The Rise of the Nicktatorship

After a constitution was swiftly passed, the voting process of three council members began. Due to almost no regulation in voting laws, votes were constantly being switched around back and forth between those that voted with Mrmamizoupie and those that voted for Screenname. Ladezkik and GeneralThomas were able to conquer two positions within the council, leaving both Screenname and Mrmamizoupie tied for third place. A second election was done to break the tie. Screenname was able to win by a landslide against Mrmamizoupie and has guaranteed as the third council member. Not only that, but days after, Mrmamizoupie was also removed from the Discord moderation team and was given to Tabbynya, another newcomer of the Holy Jaded Empire. Mrmamizoupie then proceeded to go into the Ice Mountains, and found the Province of Dhara, as well as the capital of Dhara known as Aquadiera.

After the entire incident involving the constitution, it was repealed by both the council and citizenry. This begins the age known as the Nicktatorship.

Under the Nicktatorship Rule

Without the constitution, nothing was changed with the exception of his inner circle. These people include: Tabbynya, Ladezkik, Enygma, Edward Renhorn, and GeneralThomas. These people were in charge of the activities regarding the growth and development of the Holy Jaded Empire's economic and military growth. During this time is where population growth has began to stagnate and not much advertising was made into introducing newfriends into the cities within the Holy Jaded Empire.

During the Nicktatorship, there was a sharp increase in discussing sensitive material within the HJE. Not only that, but there was a disconnect between what the citizens outside of the council wanted, and those that were within ComradeNick's inner circle. Due to the secretive discussions, it led to a ComradeNick making controversial decisions that were harmful for the public reputation of the Holy Jaded Empire. Not only that, but all of these situations culminated to the Yoahtl - Königsberg incident in January, which led to GeneralThomas leaving his position as a council member and leaving his position vacant. It was later taken in by Screenname. Not only that, but that situation led to even further instability within the provinces of the Holy Jaded Empire.

Currently, the Holy Jaded Empire is working on ratifying a new constitution in order bring back current and future stability into this nation.


Best Western

While the mechanics of the Vault section may or may not be fully discussed here, its cultural significance is what will be discussed.To many in the HJE, the Best Western was seen as their unborn golden child. Planned to become their economic center, Jaded hearts rise thinking of the activity that might come. {Jdcorral} "As a person hailing from late 2.0 Civcraft, I'm reminded of Hexagon and of Carson. As a citizen, I, too, hope, or believe, that Indifference will exceed their success". Every nation has their monument of pride. For the HJE, Indifference was that.

Nearby land was leveled to bedrock for the creation of their capital city, the unleveled rest were planned to remain as suburbs.

Best Western was cracked by Coalition Forces on 7/18/20 after a 24 hour siege.


Known for being coy with their politics. The Holy Jaded Empire lost most of there international reputation by going back on deals and treaties. One big example of this is when Bgbba a leader of Yoathl at the time was set to be released with a deal from HJE. HJE instead devised a plot by having Capri release audio footage of Bgbba in a public discord channel expressing his hatred for FRIENDS.


The Holy Jaded Empire was internally self-sufficient, producing the overwhelming majority of necessities on their own. HJE rarely trades with outsiders, be it export or import.