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Vinetown is a town located primarily on a beach biome near an Ice Mountain biome on an island in the -,+ region of CivClassic. Vinetown claimed the Ice Mountain and other above-sea areas nearby. The town only has one permanent resident and its existence is mostly unknown to the outside world.

The island that the town was planned on was sign posted by the player ham. A few other signs were posted, and aside from one other sign, they are to be preserved as historic markings. The town's purple station is located around -10000,0.



Before Breaking Ground

Jdcorral founded the town a few days after being released from Lex's Vault. After experiencing months of isolation ingame, Jdcorral decided to attempt to make a city that would be able to promote connections and activity. Looking at several rails maps, it was decided to found the city on the island. A few days worth of planning on paper created the initial plan for the city. After collecting a few resources at Best Western, he set off to the island to found the city.

Breaking Ground

The Island of the Signs was where the supplies initially sat. After lighting up the island and creating the way for roads, Jdcorral moved the supplies to the highest hill on the sand bar.

After planning the roads, Jdcorral went to the Ice Mountain and created a minecart elevator to get to the top to grow crops and create a source for lumber. Eventually, enough clay was acquired to make a small wheat farm and the lumber area now grew giant spruce trees. However, the switching from smaller spruce trees to larger redwood trees (temporarily) led to the Great Wood Shortage.

The Great Wood Shortage

Before the Great Wood Shortage, the creation of the bakery was finished, using spruce wood frames and floors. Initially, the General Factory Building was created with the remaining brick and the first floor frames were also made of spruce. Eventually, the wood ran out and several trips were made to the tree farms out side of the town "Dwarf Fortress". Eventually, the tree grew and several oak saplings were converted to spruce saplings.

The Building of the Walls

After the farm was expanded and improved. Construction of the walls commenced,yet construction stopped and started due to the pain of desloping the edges and creating and reinforcing the wall. As of March 15, 2018, the wall has not been completed.

The Creation of the Citadel

After part of the wall was done, Jdcorral made a smooth stone foundation for the Citadel, The Citadel is made up of stone, cobble, spruce, and snow. It features a library, small museum exhibition, a lighthouse and the home of Jdcorral and future mayors.


After the Citadel, the plots were expanded outside of the city walls on the shallower areas.


A spruce bridge was built, connecting the Train Station, to Sign Island, to the city island. It really made travel easier.