International League of Assistance

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International League of Assistance
TypeEconomic and Defensive Alliance
Governing documentILA Charter
• Council Members
AvaniSpades, Tukidoki, RedxMedic

The International League of Assistance (ILA) was an economic and non-aggression alliance between different nations on CivMC, founded by AvaniSpades and Ex Co-Founder Exozz. The ILA was an alliance between multiple smaller nations in hopes to create strong bonds between its members.

Current Members
Nations Date Joined Trustee(s)
Myra May 17, 2022 AvaniSpades
Knights of Lawton May 20, 2022 RedMedic
People's Republic of the Western Boundary May 21, 2022 ChewLeKitten and MrJoCrafter
The Potistani Host June 1, 2022 Ancom_ThePolpot
Church of Coppron May 24, 2022 Beestang
Sovia May 31, 2022 Tukidoki, Khardbass, and LIQUIDSTEREO
Former Members
Name Date Joined Date Left Trustee(s) Reason for Leaving
The Collective May 19, 2022 June 21st, 2022 Exozz Kicked by Majority Vote, along with violations of the ILA Charter.
Sparta May 27, 2022 June 5th, 2022 Donflamingo Nation dissolved
Cooperative Commonwealth of the Tenants' Toil May 21, 2022 June 12th, 2022 Plupsnup Leader quit, nation dissolved and annexed by Western Boundary.


The International League of Assistance iwas a conglomerate of mainly newfriend and smaller nations, seeking to establish the creation of embassies, and shops, and increase transportation between member nations. In the creation of the ILA, its founder AvaniSpades sought to create greater forms of unity and structure among smaller nations before CivMC's launch. Each nation in the alliance sought to organize and plan toward collective goals, observe and respect the neutrality of its members, and establish good trade, transportation, and relations.


The alliance was formed on May 18, 2022, founded by AvaniSpades, the Head of State of the nation Myra. To help assist with planning, organizing, facilitating, and expansion of the International League of Assistance, Exozz was approached to be the ILA's co-founder. During the first wave of recruitment for the ILA, The Knights of Lawton and The Cooperative Commonwealth of Tenants' Toil were approached and later joined the alliance. On May 21, the People's Republic of the Western Boundary was unanimously voted in as the alliance's 5th member. Sovia joined the alliance on May 31, not as a member but rather an executive and council member, wishing to oversee and maintain good relations between the members of ILA. On June 1st, The Potistani Host became an official member of the alliance. Sparta joined the alliance on May 19th, but dissolved 3 days after CivMC's launch.

In mid August of 2022, the ILA was mutually disbanded after it's leader, Avani, quit Civ and most of the other nations had gone relatively quiet due to raids or boredom.