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Banner/flag of Endeavor known as "Nuusa #3"
Flag of the Baltic Bambinos, Endeavor's largest klika
LocationVolans +,-
Activity level20+
GovernmentLiberterian Municipalism
Foundation dateJuly 31, 2016
Preceded by United Provinces of the Plus Plus
Succeeded by Provincia

Founded on the second day of Civcraft 3.0 by several different groups from 2.0 these allied but different towns came together and settled in the various founding neighborhoods of the city.

Within the first several weeks, new settlers coupled with a stagnation in activity of the Khingus of Volans led to a series of uprisings against the monarchy culminating in the Battle of the Pub which forced the end of the Dhingdom.

The city state of Endeavor is currently in a period of change but retains its position as the most populous town in the Volans.


The Reign and Fall of the Dhingdom

The origins of Endeavor reach back to the 2.0 treaty organization of the United Provinces of the Plus Plus. In the first days of 3.0 several groups from the U3P began settling in the valley of Endeavor. On the West Side settled the people from Blackcrown and Churchill, on the East Side in Majas settled the people of Little Latvia and in Little Thaegon settled the 2.0 peoples of Thaegon, lastly on the South Side settled the bulk of the remaining population of Pella.

The first weeks of Endeavor were spent under a monarchy known as the Dhingdom of Volans in which the Khingus Dhingus was the nominal King of multiple states in Volans. Due to a number of reasons the King's power was rarely wielded outside of the royal city of Endeavor. While other locations in the Dhingdom were evolving their own government systems and were progressing naturally in nearly complete independence Endeavor was paralyzed by the Khingus' inactivity and top down decision making.

As more newfriends moved to the city (primarily settling in the West Side) and an influx in settlers from 2.0's Arrakeen moved to Majas the dissatisfaction with the monarchy grew to record levels. These conditions led to the beginning of a reform movement in the city as Endeavor sought to manage its own affairs as the other peoples of the Volans did. The initial reform movement was largely supported by the Khingus as the challenged monarch wished for his people to have greater control over their own affairs. The King even went so far as to offer devolving the bulk of his power to the reformist leaders including Lord_Pericorp of the South Side, Nuusa and Darkflame826 of the East Side, and JChabbs and The_Prosege of the West Side. Unfortunately pressure from IRL engagements and hard-line Loyalists prevented any major reforms from taking place.

Due to growing frustration among the reform movement and a failure to come to mutually acceptable paths forward splinter groups began developing around neighborhood councils in Endeavor. Drawing on the disparate cultural heritages of the component groups of Endeavor these local factions (known as Klikas) began advocating aggressively for changes in Endeavor. In a series of escalating circumstances the bulk of the city and its surrounding area was covered in messages and symbols advocating all types of political and societal change. As the Klikas became more radicalized they began bumping up against one another as demonstrations and propaganda distribution got more intense.

Some of the Klikas began arming themselves and wearing dyed leather armor in order to protect and identify themselves which led to a perception among the people of other Volans cities believing these citizen organizations to be nothing more than street gangs, a view that has continued to this day. Klikas began claiming territory and enforcing their own code within their claim often resulting in violence if not respected by members of another Klika.

Tensions continued to increase without an end in site until Aug 16th when the leader of the Silverhats/Volans Defense Force, a West Side klika which advocates for a military junta, murdered a high ranking member of the Baltic Bambinos, the klika of the East Side's Majas neighborhood. This killing occured in daylight on the Sausage Fest Street in downtown West Side and had a profound affect on the city. The klikas of the East Side joined in an alliance and began a systematic assault on the West Side which forced many citizens to feel unsafe traveling the streets. The VDF moved much of its operations outside of the city and began attempting to recruit in its ally House Gold, while the Crowns (loyalist klika) moved much of its operations to the developing Undercity. Only the Yellowhats remained to fight the East Side insurgency but their numbers diminished and their remaining members took refuge temporarily to rebuild.

An uneasy peace lasted in Endeavor until late in the evening of August 19th, while much of the population was out of town gathering resources in other shards two Bambinos were posting propoganda signs under the Porkins Memorial Dam. Suddenly three loyalists and the Khingus himself burst into the market area from the Undercity and began hurling snowballs at the east siders while announcing that they were under arrest for crimes against the king. Outnumbered and outsnowballed the Bambinos fled the area going up the Mountain Road into Majas, they came quickly to the Labi Laiki Pub and barricaded themselves inside to avoid arrest. The Crowns outside continued shouting that arrests were to be made and began breaking down the doors and windows in order to get at the revolutionaries. Under mounting pressure the Bambinos opened a cache of weapons in the pub and together began firing arrows to disperse the loyalists. The Bambinos then moved to Darkflame's house where they took position on a second floor balcony from which they fired arrows driving off some of the Crown forces before concentrating on the King. A short chase occured when the Crowns had taken too much damage and although the bulk of their people escaped back to the West Side the Khingus was pearled.

An agreement was soon reached between the King and the Bambinos under which the Dhingus would be let free provided he abdicated his thrown and was willing to stand trial for crimes when a new government was founded for Endeavor. Later that night the Khingus gave a speech at the Porkins Memorial Dam in which he not only abdicated his throne but abolished the government of the Dhingdom.

Anarchy & Transition

Following the forced abdication and abolition of the government the entire shard was released from the Khingus' hold. This led to a series of changes across the shard especially in the city of Endeavor where the gangs, known as Klikas, which forced the abdication continued to gain power. While the other cities and towns of the shard quickly adjusted to the fall of the Dhingdom due to their insulation from direct rule Endy was unable to change as quickly.

Over the next several weeks a plethora of new governments were proposed each seemingly more decisive than the last. As the klikas gained power and notoriety they also became more bitterly opposed to one another. While murders were reduced crime of every other type skyrocketed as various supporters of government proposals came to clashes often with the support of the klikas.

Finally peace seemed possible when edits to the Saprasana (an agreement between the klikas to form a council of warlords) appeared posed for ratification. However, due to a number of issues much of the support died when ratification was at long last proposed. This proposal's collapse coincided with the official request for independence by the South Side region of Endeavor. This region attempted to establish itself as Glenroe, this movement was initially supported by multiple Klikas from Endy. However, the Glenroe Affair would later force an end to the anarchy of the Klika system.

The Glenroe Affair and the Formation of the Government of the Second White Cross Council

As Endeavor lumbered slowly towards a government the south side of the city began making preparations for its expected independence. Glenroe actively began attempting to recruit people to the town and additionally began making arrangements for its future protection. The leader of the proposed nation reached out to several nations to sign a treaty before finally settling on Aegis who would build a pylon in the small state in exchange for full protection and economic unity. The resulting crisis of this treaty was known as the Glenroe Affair and greatly impacted Endeavor.

At some point later Glenroe made their attentions known to the people of Endeavor and their allies through out the Volans and discovered this arrangement was to be very poorly received. When the leadership of Glenroe decided to continue with their planned unifying with Aegis a mob formed and marched south from down town Endeavor towards the Peri Brother's farm where Glenroe was to be founded. The mob began tearing down the trees and crops at the farm and covering growing platforms with dirt.

This ongoing mob violence and the preceding events causing it turned out to be the inspiration required to spur on the final formation of a new government of Endeavor. It was at this time that the West Siders joined the East Siders in ratifying the new constitution known as the White Cross Council Agreement. This newly formed government with help from some Danzilonans calmed the mob and stopped the razing of the Peri Brother's Farm.

Soon after this initial drama the new government appointed a negotiator and began discussions with Aegis regarding the legality of their proposed agreement with Glenroe. Further negotiations involving all nations of the Volans and Aegis lead to an understanding to be formalized in the as of yet unsigned Treaty between Aegis and the Volans.

Opposition to Aegis, or any foreign power, having any control in what are viewed as internal Volantian affairs led to the creation of the Volantian Liberation Party(VLP) at this time as well as the abandonment of Majas by the Baltic Bambinos. Many other citizens of Endeavor and else where in the shard also resigned or left their homes in protest of what was viewed by some as capitulation to a foreign imperialist power.

At this time the future of Endeavor is shaky as the new and fragile government attempts to regain footing after significant losses of population and perceived prestige.


Established in the Endeavor Valley of the Volans the city of Endeavor is in the middle of the Grand Tauntauns range of the Innacurate Mts. which dominate the Western regions of the shard. The bulk of Endeavor's territory is extremely mountainous and includes much of the Innacurate Mountains, however there are other geographical features within the territories of Endeavor.

Innacurate Mountains

West Wood

Screaming Peninsula

Black Bay

Holey Fields

Greater Ezelis Islands

Puffers Cove and the West Volantian Sea Coast


Honestly politics in Endeavor are mind bogglingly confusing and will take a very dedicated individual to explain and a more talented individual to condense into a blurb. A full article could be written on the various parties, street gangs, unions, social clubs, and neighborhood associations that make the overlapping patchwork of the city.


Foreign Relations