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Volans was the most South Eastern shard in Civcraft 3.0. The shard was dominated by Extreme Hills biomes and a small mushroom biome in a large floating island in this 1000 radius shard.

Considered by many to be the most drama-free shard Volans was more accurately described as simply an inward-facing shard. The several cities and towns of the shard are notable for their high degree of interconnectedness and the collaboration often displayed in joint efforts. The key aspect of this level of cooperation seems to be drawn from the groups' previous relationships from 2.0 and 1.0 as well as the crushing poverty the bulk of Volantians live in.


The shard can be geographically divided into three large regions, the Highlands of the East, the Inaccurate Mountains of the West, and the Volantian Void Sea.

Volans' nations are carved up in a circle around the middle. In the east, there was Nova Danzilona, a successor to New Danzilona. All other countries were new or were coalitions from other nations in the past: First Hearth and Cascade existed in the north, Endeavor in the east, and Whisper in the south.

Highlands of the East

The East and North of the Volans are made up of a naturally barren grassland broken up by the Cascadian Mountains and innumerable numbers of void drops the largest being the massive Lake Dropper.

The farthest west expanse of the region was a thin strip of land near the Drakontas/Bayou portal known as the Holey Fields. Lake Dropper dominates the northern sections of the region, with the man-made Phoenix Forest to its west and north. South of Lake Dropper was the Cascadian Mountains which includes several valleys used for commercial logging (primarily in the Mt. Dorito area) as well as the city of Cascade situated on a peninsula reaching into the Volantian Sea which divides Black Bay to the west from Clocktower Bay to the east.

South of the Phoenix Forest was the city of Nova Danzilona which was developed along the border of the extreme hills biome of the forest and the mushroom biome peninsula known as Trackistan. This fertile region was home to many farms and was the breadbasket of the shard as well as home to several small scale mushroom growers. The reconfiguring of spawn rates in the Volans decimated this region's most profitable industry of meat processing and packing leading to further economic hardship among the already destitute Volantians. Trackistan was unique for many reasons not least of which for being the only place in the Volans to have any ore spawn, the minute amounts of coal ore in the region give these people a natural advantage over their minerally bankrupt neighbors. Environmental efforts have been undertaken consistently since the beginning of settlement in Trackistan to protect its natural beauty but these have been largely ineffective due primarily to the continued spawning of newfriends on the canopy of its famous giant mushrooms.

South of Trackistan was the Tinklepunk Wood, a primarily man-made forest that extends along the thin southeastern stretch of the shard. The Tinklepunk Wood was most well known for its secretive settlers and its utter lack of passive mob spawns.

Innacurate Mountains of the West

Volantian Void Sea