List of Conflicts on CivMC

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This is a list of all the conflicts to take place on CivMC so far.

Name of conflict Belligerents Dates Results
Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)
Western Jungle War

境界の西部共和国 Western Boundary
Icarus (CivMC) Icarus
 Kingdom of ErrorL

 Blockchainistan June 6–7, 2022 Anti-Blockchainistan Coalition Victory
  • Western Boundary annexes Fire Island
  • Blockchainistan remnants relocate to the Eastern Continent
  • Icarus withdraws from COMRADES
Bergburg-Fempire War  Fempire Union

 Kingdom of ErrorL
境界の西部共和国 Western Boundary

June 10–11, 2022 Strategic Fempire Victory
  • Fempire ransacked
  • Disputed island held by Fempire
  • KOEL apologizes and offers to pay reparations
  • Bergburg abandoned and annexed by Cordoba
Annexation of Kū


 Communion of Kū

June 20, 2022 Estalian Victory
  • Kū annexed by Estalia
  • Kū citizens relocate to other nations
War of the Pridelands  Hyperborean Confederation  Pridelands July 5–8 2022 Hyperborean Victory
  • Peace Treaty established
  • Pridelands pay 210d in reparations
  • Pridelands remains independent
KOEL-Titan Conflict  Titan Industries  Kingdom of ErrorL


July 7–11 2022 Titan Victory
  • KOEL ransacked
  • Multiple KOEL players pearled temporarily
Estalia-Rhode Island War The Coalition:

Kingdom of ErrorL KOEL/'KOZ'[4]
(until August 15th)

 Rhode Island


July 24 – 17 September 2022 Coalition Victory
  • Rhode Island dissolved
  • Most Rhodesians banned
  • Destruction of the Rhodesian and Titan vaults
  • Widespread damage to Coalition cities, particularly Icenia
Gensokyo-Nara Skirmish  Nara



 Holy Truidencian Empire
 Reconstruction Era

August 1–26, 2022 Naran Victory
  • Multiple Gensokyojins pearled / banned
  • Dalgon reclaims Gensokyojin-occupied portal
  • Gensokyo quits Civ
Temporal Isles Conflict  Temporal Isles

 Valyria (CivMC)


Gang Shi

November 26th - Ongoing Ongoing
Speedy Coup  Gensokyo SpeedyJustice's forces December 3rd - 4th, 2022 Gensokyo victory
  • Coup fails