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The Independent Southern Powers, most frequently abbreviated as ISP, was an alliance on CivMC between the nations of Nara, Venne, Cortesia Del Mar, Ila'Kyavul and the Arsenio Pact. Each of the leaders of these nations had some involvement in the creation of the March Pact prior to the server's launch, and the treaty was styled as a simplified version of the AF-CES organization from CivClassic.

Independent Southern Powers
Flag of the ISP
World map showing alliance members in their claims map colours

Foundation date6th November 2022
Foundation documentISP Treaty
Preceded by AF-CES


Following the close working relationship of several members in the AF-CES during the Adina Crisis and the ill-fated Battle of Eddie Murphy prior to the end of CivClassic, a new alliance for the next server was proposed in the early days following the announcement of CivMC. The key members of this proto-alliance were the "Superstate" (later simplified to just "Augusta"), which was a proposed merger of several Augustan successor states following the fracturing of Mount Augusta, Cortesia Del Mar, Krowatian successor Aurellia, Nro'Meagh successor of Ila'Kyavul and finally the nation of Nara, which initially was a planned nation for the next CivEx iteration which never eventuated. In addition to these main members, the planned nation of Danzilona and what would eventually become the Arsenio Pact were also involved in these discussions.

A flag was chosen and a treaty was constructed over several months, which would become the March Pact, with Nara, Cortesia Del Mar, Aurellia and Ila'Kyavul the founding signatories. Nara would later split from the organisation owing to a difference in direction, and signing the alliance never passed the vote in Augusta or Danzilona, leaving just the members of Cortesia Del Mar, Aurellia and Ila'Kyavul at server launch.

Despite this split, each of the nations settled together in the +,+ quadrant, mostly in the continent of Alenarith, and needed to work together out of necessity due to the constant raids of Vah and Ez2Clutch. This lead to early discussions of the previous alliance being re-ignited, and a newer, simplified treaty was drafted and signed on the 6th of November. This did not replace the original March Pact, despite substantial overlap between the two organizations.


Within a week of the treaty being signed, Article III of the treaty was invoked when the leader of Rozia, ___TheBoss___raided Ila'Kyavul's bunker[1]. The nations of the ISP responded immediately, calling for the return of stolen resources, which was refused[2]. This prompted the ISP to attack and disable defensive infrastructure in Rozia in retaliation.


The alliance lost its largest member on May 15, 2023, when Nara withdrew from the ISP as a result of Cortesia del Mar and the Arsenio Pact attacking a Dalgonian skybunker without first attempting diplomacy either directly with Dalgon or through Nara as a middle-man. The attack was launched as a result of Okx improperly using Dalgonian defensive infrastructure to store Troll_Bebek's pearl, acquired from a border dispute with the Arsenio Pact. Due to Nara's commitments to the Dalgon-Nara Alliance, they chose to withdraw from ISP altogether due to a loss of trust in ally decision-making. Shortly after, Cortesia del Mar and the Arsenio Pact were embroiled in the Butt-SECs War, which ended with Arsenio Pact being conquered from within by Cliqueston (now Arsenia), and Cortesia del Mar quitting the server. Officially, the alliance still consists of Venne and Ila'Kyavul. However, with Ila'Kyavul remaining nearly wholly inactive through much of the alliance's time on the server, the alliance is defunct.