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Activity levelHigh
Capital cityMalcour
• Leaders
DockerImage, dredd_kiji
• Upper Council
TolypeVelleda, K0mmi
Foundation date11/11/22

Arnen, officially the Anocracy of Arnen, is a CivMC nation located in the (-,-) quadrant led by DockerImage and dredd_kiji but also overseen by the Council. Arnen is a nation primarily focused on building, grinding and trade.

It was created after DockerImage was pearled and felt that his interests would be better served by creating his own nation, free of Arsenio Pact and SEC insight.


Arnen was founded on 11/11/22 with the freeing of dredd_kiji and DockerImage's pearls.

It was later involved in the Arnen-Temporal Isles War due to the DockerImage's animosity with Temporal Isles preceding the creation of Arnen. Shortly after the pearling of PhysicsGamer on Pavian beaches, Arnen was dissolved and the land was returned to Kallos. (See Four_Hour_War)