Gensokyo-Nara Skirmish

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Gensokyo Conspiracies
Date8/1/2022-8/26/2022 (25 days)
Result Naran moral victory
Gensokyo quits CivMC



Supported by:

Commanders and leaders
  • Nara prawny331
  • Nara SwordMaster7777
  • Nara Saren_Solaris
  • Dalgon fredhun14
  • Gensokyo Topaz4293
  • Gensokyo animeme_master
  • Gensokyo Asuramaru
  • Gensokyo Ferro
  • Holy Truidencian Empire GenericLaqey
  • Reconstruction Era Antea
  • Strength

    Nara 2-3+ engaged

    Dalgon 1+ engaged
    Gensokyo 3+ engaged
    Casualties and losses

    Nara None

    Dalgon None


    • 2 pearled
    • 1 banned
    • semi-public nether portal dismantled and reclaimed by Dalgon

    The Gensokyo-Naran Skirmish was a short military conflict between bordering nations Gensokyo and Nara. With sour relations between the two countries, a Naran decision to investigate bunkers on continent was eventually seen as an act of aggression by Gensokyo, with the resulting actions from both sides creating situations of harassment.


    Tensions between Gensokyo and Nara

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    Battle of West Tenseimiya Plains

    Saren Solaris, a Naran citizen, was searching for a bunker belonging to the notorious raider Vah, who raided many nations in CivMC, especially in Alenarith. He walked a few dozen blocks inside the borders of Gensokyo, which he had been told he was not allowed to do by Topaz. He was asked to leave by Topaz and began to do so, but almost immediately two Gensokyojin fighters, Asuramaru and Ferro, descended upon Saren, giving chase. Saren ran for around 300 more blocks (within Naran territory) but eventually turned around to face the two fighters attempting to pearl him. Eventually, while some fighting occurred in Gensokojin territory, both Ferro and Asuramaru were pearled outside of Gensokyo and Nara, in Cortesia del Mar and the Free Danzilonan Republic.[1][2]

    Gensokyo leadership and others plot to 'do crime' against Saren, among others.

    Saren afterwards revealed leaked correspondences between Gensokyo leadership as well as others[3] to plot "to assemble a list of people to do crime against" (in GenericLaqey's words). This proved that the attack on Saren was premeditated.

    Additionally, Topaz later stated she would not budge on pearling Saren, due to his alleged harassment of Asuramaru.[4]

    After pearling the two fighters, and refusing his government's demand to have control over the pearls, Saren set the condition of the freeing of the two pearls as the fighters admitting they were wrong and apologizing to Saren, probably estimating (correctly) that the two fighters would be too prideful to accede to that demand.

    Dualing PR pushes were put out by both sides[5][6][7], but while public opinion overall seemed to lean towards DNA (Dalgon-Nara Alliance) and against Gensokyo, members of both parties were eventually banned or timed out for a period of time.

    Enraged by her and her allies' inability to pearl Saren, Asuramaru doxxed Saren_Solaris in a fit of rage,[8] sending him his exact place of employment in an in-game direct message with a subtle threat of violence. Both Saren and Asuramaru, among others were banned from CivMC as a result of harassment from this conflict.


    Some memes were made about the incident.