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The Pinnacle
Pinnacle Banner.png
Banner of Pinnacle
Founded~5 June 2017
Location+3800 -850

The Pinnacle, or just Pinnacle, is a city in the Kingdom of Verda. Founded by Gingechris as an independent nation, it was annexed by the Greenmarsh to form the Kingdom of Verda. Afterward, it grew to become the second-largest city in Verda before eventually becoming inactive during the decline of Verda. However, a few players have returned recently.


The Pinnacle was founded by Gingechris, who built a house, along with many farms and factories on the mountainous Pinnacle Plateau. Pinnacle did not really grow until it was annexed by Verda. Afterwards, it was developed by the architect Mclovin1524, who built many beautiful houses. Due to its secluded mountaintop location, Pinnacle did not suffer nearly as many raids as Crowsroost. During the raider occupation of Crowsroost, it served as refuge for the few Verdans not pearled. Not long after this, Queen Magmus built the castle of Highcliffe Watch. Despite this, Pinnacle soon became inactive as Gingechris, Mclovin and others went inactive. However, Mclovin (and his sister) has recently returned, intending to finally finish his building projects, and on the 19th of March, was declared the Duke of Pinnacle. He continued the construction of his club, renovated the rail station and established a lodge of the Order of St Marcus in the city.

The Castle of Highcliffe Watch, built by Magmus in the aftermath of the occupation of Crowsroost.

Notable Landmarks

  • Highcliffe Watch, a castle overlooking the cliffs and mountains of Pinnacle.
  • The Storage Tunnels of Pinnacle, a labyrinth of tunnels built into the mountains.
  • The Diamond Hoe Gentleman's Club
  • Royal Shrine and Sacrifical Chamber
  • St. Marcus Lodge
  • Mead Hall


As the name suggests, Pinnacle is located high in a mountain range south of the Greenmarsh and east of the Greenlands. Pinnacle is home to many different animals, some indigenous to the region, and others introduced. Many Snow Golems wander the central plazas, covering them in a permanent layer of snow. Pinnacle is also known for it's population of sheep, under the rule of Gingechris they were organised into the Pinnacle Ovine Navy, a prestigious naval unit. In recent months, Llamas have appeared in Pinnacle. Believed to have been introduced from Iria, they have spread across the city.