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Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForCivTCG
Main ResidenceAltepetl
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
Past Citizenships
SignatureLodish's signature
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerDevoted 2.0
Iterations played on

A player known for CivTCG, Maester Alliance work and for being pearled during both the Somber War, War of The Coalition and the Infinity War.

Civ History

First server was Devoted 2.0 where Lodish played in Polaris under the leadership of Oryhara and first started writing in game books.[1] He started by copying a George Orwell book called Shooting an Elephant.[2] Played Devoted 3.0 and decided to join Ruin after running into Gobblin and taking part in a ritual where a cow was slain aboard a ship in Ruin's harbour. Helped Avalokitsvara with his library and because of this was introduced to many books and the existence of the Maester Alliance. Lodish while living in Ruin was a non-combatant in its wars and remained unpearled after Swiftfizz's betrayal and the fall of Ruin. Played on CivEx 3.0 and joined Victoria, briefly living underground inside a giant cave before the server died. Played a little of TheRealmsMC to try it out and joined Norlund.


He joined CivClassics and after travelling around and briefly living in a tiny SOTW town referred to as Concord (now Imperial Truidence) heard that a library might be built in The Commonwealth and headed that way. While sailing around the massive cliffs first heard Orinnari in local chat in what is probably now Southshire. Built a house in Westminster which was demolished to make way for the canal system, but led to a much nicer and larger house which has remained since July 2017 till the EOTW. Was briefly pearled by bobbyC105 who was among a group of altraiders during the frequent raids in Westminster leading up to the Somber War, It later turned out bobbyC105 was an alt of Impulca. During the Somber War after Westminster was attacked by a mass obby bombing, Lodish was pearled by HeyitsMatteo while trying to remove obsidian. Lodish remained pearled, travelling the end and helping with Peter's castle for the next 4 months, eventually a deal was struck with Posedion in that Lodish had to a design and build a building in Mob city in return for his freedom. Lodish duly built this house and was freed about a month before the collapse and defeat of Lexington.

[insert history between the Somber war and the EOTW here]


Lodish joined Yoahtl and gained citizenship before the SOTW, having been on good terms with Yoahtl during CivClassics. Built the library Xunkuilotl Tomo Lipu in Altepetl for the Maesters, and built a CivTCG shop to reprint and re-establish the CivTCG game onto CivMC.