Oblast Dvoynya

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Oblast Dvoynya [CCCP]
Capital cityThreepton
GovernmentCommunist Utopia
• General Secretary of The Worker's Party
• Governing Secretary of the CCCP
LanguageEnglish, Dutch, Mutant
Oblast Dvoynya

The most populous and largest by area of the four Oblasts of the Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate, Dvoynya consists of three major and several minor islands in the shallow Plus Plus quadrant.

The capital is at Threepton and the towns of Westgrove, Pripyat, and Swineport are all found in Dvoynya making it a place of both advanced industry and high culture.

Oblast Dvoynya was annexed by the Confederation of Socialist Augusta with the rest of the CCCP during the October Revolution.

The Twins Oblast

In an attempt to reduce cultural tensions the government of the CCCP has enacted the "Twin Brothers" policy which permits high levels of autonomy for the Threeper and Pripyatski national communities.

Threepers in the CCCP

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Pripyatski in the CCCP

Social corporate responsibility black lives matter.

The CCCP Civil War

CCCP Civil War
CCCP, primarily Oblast Dvoynya
Result Negotiated Ceasefire and Submission to Worker's Party authority
CCCP Threeper Royalists
Commanders and leaders






Immediate Background

Reactionary elements of the old U3P resumed play in early 2021 and began agitating for an independent monarchy to be lead by the long time controversial political actor ninjajackh12.

Roughly about the same time a refugee from Wayrest who had taken up residence in Swineport received allegedly prophetic visions. They felt called to spread the word of these visions and offer guidance based on them quickly gathering a small group of followers.

Pattern of Conflict

Many consider the so called CCCP Civil War to be in fact the continuation of a much longer conflict stemming from an ideological split in the U3P. The last eruption of these tensions can be found in the Bambino Rising of 2018.

Initial Assassination Attempt

The first blow in the conflict was struck by the rogue pestomime, who killed and looted the corpse of Governing Secretary of the CCCP Pythius_Df. Once a high ranking official of the Holy Jaded Empire, pesto had taken refuge in the sewers of Pripyat where their mind was no doubt warped by the radioactive debris left from the EVENT.

The killing of the Governing Secretary occurred on the road between Westgrove and Threepton in Oblast Dvoynya and so in short order Pesto was pearled by the CCCP's Rapid Deescalation Force which has its headquarters in Threepton.


Following these initial events accounts get incredibly murky as the subject of Pesto's pearl and the correct government of the CCCP became a topic of global controversy.

The rebel Threeper Royalist movement would go on to illegally give the pesto's pearl to the Mirian agent Folters, despite the protests of the legitimate government.


These are all questions people are wondering.

Low Level Conflict

Since the pearl theft of pestomime a slow burning state of conflict existed between the legitimate representatives of the CCCP government and a pretender monarchy lead by ninjajackh12. With the loss of their backing by the religious leader Uyuoxo their claim to legitimacy became increasingly tenuous.

Intermittent fighting occasionally broke out when opposition members came into conflict, though rarely did these moments of tension escalate beyond throwing of snowballs or fists. The old city of Threepton remained the center of rebel activity through out the conflict as the rebels used the complex of tunnels beneath the city to elude the government's forces.


Following political intrigue stemming from indpendent negotiations undertaken by the royalists, the central committee of The Worker's Party decided to take a more active role in the day to day governing of the old CCCP. With this greater level of involvement the local party was empowered to negotiate a settlement with the rebels, eventually leading to the self-styled king ninjajack submitting directly to the Premier of The Worker's Party SandFalls.

These negotiations would set the stage for the annexation of the CCCP by the CSA during the October Revolution