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Flag of Carpathia
Flag of Carpathia
Location5615, 774
Capital cityTraugersbridge
GovernmentRepublican Dictatorship
• Consul
Foundation date19 June 2017

Carpathia was a somewhat small nation, situated in the Plains, Mesa and Taiga on the equator in the +,+ and +,- quadrants on CivClassic. Carpathia's capital, Carpathiopolis, suffered large damages in late 2017. With this, a new administrative capital, Traugersbridge, was founded north of Carpathiopolis. Carpathia's largest export was wool and it had a state-owned Wool company called Carpathia Standard Wool Ltd.

Map of Carpathia

The Carpathian Flag

The Carpathian flag contains a horizontal tricolour with the colours of Green, White and Blue, it also contains a dark red chevron on the hoist side. The tricolour represents many of the natural features of Carpathia which keep it alive.

  • Green for the grassy hills and the plains, making up a majority of the nation,
  • White for the snow on the mountains, and for Carpathia's strong and vital wool industry,
  • Blue for the sea which connects Carpathia to the world,
  • The Red Chevron to represent both the tall mountains of Carpathia and for the bloodshed of those who fought for the country.

The Carpathian Tricolour is also a homage to Iria, which many in Carpathia descend from and are still loyal to and closely-aligned with.

Carpathia's History

Civ 3.0

New Veneto

CivCraft 3.0 is the earliest that any proto-Carpathian culture can be traced back to. This is with the founding of an Irian colony in the nearby shard world of Naunet in August of 2016 called New Veneto. With this settlement, the Irian colonists were not heavily welcomed by the native people of Naunet due to their consistent mining operations in the shard. After a few months of this, Civ 3.0 was shut down. At this point, the governors of New Veneto had moved to Devoted.


The Karpoforus Republic

After moving from Civ 3.0 to Devoted, the current Carpathian leader, BritishMunchie, and his friend settled on an island with some friends and declared the Karpoforus Republic. Karpoforus went well for a few days before being met with a few issues. Firstly, a group of raiders found Karpoforus and noticed that they were weak but resourceful, so they continuously raided their settlement. On top of this, they found themselves in border conflicts with Gensokyo. The Karpoforians gave into the demands and moved elsewhere.


After settling on a new archipelago, BritishMunchie and his friends created a new nation, Carinthia. Carinthia grew heavily within the next few weeks, gaining a population of around 12 people. Carinthia never particularly participated on the world stage and merely kept to itself. This caught the attention of many, some of which used this as an opportunity to pearl BritishMunchie and overthrow the government. After a day or so of diplomacy with those who overthrew him, it was clear that they weren't willing to let go of the pearl. With this, BritishMunchie called upon his old friends from CivCraft, Iria, to help him out. Before long, some Irians were able to retrieve the pearl and save British, who was then escorted to Xinteng, a then successor state to Iria.

Xinteng and Sudia

After being escorted to Xinteng, British and Dets settled down in Xinteng for the next few months. During this time, British asked the Xinteng government to be allowed to govern an uninhabited peninsula to the south. This was allowed and British was granted the land, which he named Sudia. After some time, British fell out with the leader of Xinteng over political beliefs and left the nation completely. He then went on to start his own server and for the most part, remained inactive on Devoted. (server's still running and is unrelated to Civ. Don't ask.)


Bizerte-Carpathian Federation

In June of 2017, British and his friends decided to return to Civ, they joined CivClassic and settled in a small Taiga. This is where they met the small city-state of Bizerte. After making close ties with them, they decided to form a federation between each other. Under the Federation, both towns prospered. Despite this, Carpathia attempted to make its first steps onto the world stage. This included butting heads with a larger nation to the north, Aznazia. During this time, a user by the name of Onederful attempted to overthrow the Carpathian government and take over the city. With the help of Bizerte and the Carpathian populous, they were able to outgun Onederful and drive him out of the city. It was later found that Onederful had ties to Aznazia and rumours spread that Aznazia did this to attack Carpathia indirectly. After this raid, Carpathia recieved several raids. One of which was where the town was ransacked and covered in citadel-protected stone. This killed many Carpathians' motivation to come on and Carpathia remained inactive for several months.

Consulate of Carpathia

After deciding to come back on CivClassic, British and a few more of his friends revitalised Carpathia. Having not heard from Bizerte's leader since the Aznazia attacks, Carpathia took Bizerte as a core city for the nation and declared the new Consulate of Carpathia. After building their new administrative capital, Traugersbridge, while they worked on recovering Carpathiopolis (the current De-Facto Capital), British went around and scouted the area. After skimming the Aznazia discord and wandering around the town, it was clear: Aznazia is dead. British used this opportunity to claim Aznazia as part of the new Consulate. With their old rival conquered, Carpathia looked around for new friends. With this, they noticed that too former close allies, Freedonia and Lenin Isle (now Pripyat), were still active. Carpathia set up links to both nations and has recently been on the road to recovery.