The Schizophrenia War

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Neo Partyland-Partyland War
Part of Party Wars
DateSeptember 29th - October 15th 2021 (18 days)
Result Partyland and allied victory; Neo Partyland surrenders conditionally
GrasshopperlanD fortified and confirmed under Partyland
  • Neo Partyland
  • Commanders and leaders
  • Partyland LIQUID STEREO
  • Halcyon LivingFungi
  • Jolington SinjoroJoCrafter
  • Strength
    14 people 3 people (possibly more)
    Casualties and losses

    •2 wounded

    • Cringebridge temporarily griefed

    • Jerusalem temporarily griefed

    • GrasshopperlanD temporarily greifed

    • 1 dead

    • Secret Cringebridge hideout destroyed

    The Schizophrenia War, also referred to as the Neo Partyland-Partyland War, was a meme war surrounding the nation of Partyland and the rouge meme state of Neo Partyland. The conflict was essentially LIQUID STEREO versus himself in the form of an evil alt called SOLIDSTEREO.


    Partyland was established in late August of 2021 and is a well-known shitposting nation. It quickly gained decent amounts of land thanks to previous ties the nations leader, LIQUID STEREO, had with other nations while in charge of Sussex. Partyland also created the alliance of SUS the day before the conflict began, which would become a important justification for Solid's motives the following day.

    The War

    The Beginning

    On September 29th, an unknown alt appeared online called "SOLIDSTEREO" and began denouncing LIQUIDSTEREO's leadership in Partyland, stating that "Liquid didn't represent true parties." They used the example of the creation of SUS, a new alliance created by Partyland the day prior, as an example of anti-anarchy, which is the "true nature of parties." SOLIDSTEREO proposed the creation of Neo Partyland, a nation true to the nature of partying. This person was subtly revealed to be LIQUIDSTEREO himself that same night in the Partyland discord by saying, "I may or may not have multiple personality disorder." Regardless, Liquid declared war on himself in a reddit post an hour later. Liquid gained the support of most of the members of SUS and NWO, however NebulaSSR responded by announcing their support for Solid and the creation of Neo Partyland.

    Solid's Reign of Terror

    At around 11pm at night (CST) the same day as the war began, Solid made it to Cringebridge and proceeded to greif the main apartment building in the city, an act which wouldn't be discovered until the next morning. The following day, LivingFungi, the Queen of Halcyon, at the time Jerusalem, logged to catch Solid spamming signs all over Jerusalem saying, "Free Palestine." She attempted to kill Solid after catching him, but he got away by boat and sailed out into the deep sea of the +,+. It is likely this move was to send a warning that those supporting Partyland were not safe from his attacks.

    Catching Solid

    After logging back on for the first time in two days on October 3rd, Liquid got into a heated argument with Solid while walking to Cringebridge. When Liquid showed up, he was ambushed on the docks by Solid who had been camping there since Liquid logged on. Liquid ultimately won, but did not have a pearl on him, so Solid got away from being pearled once more. However, Liquid acquired Solid's weapons and armor and rendered Solid completely defenseless wherever he ended up spawning at.

    Showdown in GrasshopperlanD

    On October 12th, Partyland submitted a claim of an old island directly south of Mir, which was then named GrasshopperlanD. Hours later, after having been silent for a half a week, Solid got online on discord and began making vague threats about invading the new Partyland colony. Liquid spent half the night waiting for Solid to hit a snitch there, however he didn't show up until the following day. He logged on an alt called alyat_z, which he said he did because his SOLIDSTEREO account wasn't working. Liquid challenged him to meet him in Cringebridge for an final standoff, to which Solid agreed. Liquid then began making his way to Cringebridge from Halcyon after a short visit there, but while walking back, Solid began hitting snitches in GrasshopperlanD. Solid tricked him into leaving the area so he could begin griefing. Upon figuring it out, he threatened Solid on global, with SinjoroJoCrafter and Grumpywalnut96 making their way to aid in the fight against Solid. When Liquid arrived, very minor griefing had been done, but Solid instantly jumped Liquid once he entered the city. Liquid killed Solid, but once again did not have a pearl on hand.

    Solid's Surrender

    On October 15th, seemingly out of the blue, Solid posted on the Partyland discord that the war effort was futile and had realized that no matter how hard he tried, Neo Partyland would likely never get established. So with this realization, decided to surrender, vowing that someday he will return, whether in the form of Solid once again, or his "true main account." With that, he left all Civ discords and thus brought an end to the greatest war in Civ history.


    After Solid's surrender, Partyland claimed victory along with the few other nations that participated. The impact this war had cannot be undermined, it changed the server forever. Then Liquid found his Schizophrenia pills.

    Other Related Events

    On October 2nd, DetectiveKibbles, who was suspected to be a SOLID STEREO supporter ambushed and killed Grumpywalnut96, a Partyland citizen who was on his way to Cringebridge before stopping in Sussex for a little while. It is suspected Solid told him to do this, however DetectiveKibbles said it was because they got too close to the Sussex Foxhole Exclusion Zone. Nevertheless, Kibbles was made POS in Monterrey after the incident.

    Binchymonkey, a well established frenemy of Liquid, challenged him to a duel in Partyland on October 4th, likely to bring a conclusion to the Binchyland-Partyland War that had taken place half a month prior. Binchy was the definitive winner, taking Liquid out effortlessly. However, it was revealed later that Solid possibly told him to kill Liquid, but Binchy betrayed him by letting Liquid's pearl go and giving him back his stuff.

    Also on October 4th, SOLIDSTEREO attempted to claim Party Island as the new claim for Neo-Partyland in the Unified Map Project discord server, however Liquid refuted this and as such, was never added.