Tomfoolery Pact

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The Tomfoolery Pact, also known as Toilet Paper alliance, is an alliance dedicated to protecting the meme nations of CivClassic. It's main goals are to protect the will of the memes and to participate in a wee bit of trolling.

Tomfoolery Pact
ReligionYellow M&M Peanut Guyism
Motto"This Is Beyond A Gamer Moment"
MascotLe Trolle

Name Date Joined Leader Amount Of Trolling
Dankia November 5th, 2021 grumpywalnut96 High
City of England November 5th, 2021 Blob Moderate
Nipplerock November 13th, 2021 Gantoe Very High

Partyland and Isle of DOOM! were briefly apart of the alliance before both dissolving.