Gallagher Territory

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Gallagher Territory
Colony of Otonabee
Location-25700, 6000
Activity levelLow
AllianceFar Seas Alliance (FSA)
Capital cityGallagher
• Custodian
Foundation date19th July 2020

The Gallagher Territory (informally referred to as just Gallagher) encompasses the colonial claims of the mainland nation of Otonabee in the New World. Located on the southern ice island, it was neighboured by a Norlish colony to the east, and Polaria to the west. Gallagher was initially founded as a minor farming and mining colony, but was a key location in the Barbary War.


Otonabee, having connections within the Imperial Federation, were invited early to the controversial Berlin Conference, the meeting of nations to carve up the New World before it was released. An early consideration for the claims of Gallagher was to ensure they were small and reasonable to not invite conflict with other interested nations.


Several core members took to exploring the ocean shard upon the release of the new continent, with three initially and three arriving later on. These members reached the land claimed for Gallagher within the first six hours of release, and quickly took to establishing a small bunker and bastion grid, and later a small village on the north of the claims. The western section of the claim was found to be a fantastic biome for growing crops, and a small carrot farm was established.

Diplomatic Efforts

Claims of Gallagher a week after its founding, following negotiations with its neighbours Brissur (later Polaria) and Synlandia

The eastern claim of Gallagher initially bordered Synlandia, a small one-man nation run by SyndicateNA. This lead to a minor conflict between SPQR and Synlandia over rivalling claims, with Otonabee later stepping in to trade their small island for Synlandia's initial claim to reduce possible conflict. Gallagher's claims were also extended south when the nation to their south never settled their land.

Dispite a minor disagreement following the placement of incorrect border markers by Polaria, and some minor issues with bastion placement, these claims were well respected by other nations, and Gallagher was later invited into the Far Seas Alliance (FSA).[1] Gallagher also acted as a key mediator in the Norlund/SPQR - Imperial Federation[2] disputes over the ownership of the abandoned Roman colonies, and again later following the Norlish intervention in the IF Civil War.

Formalising Gallagher

On the 28th of August, Gallagher was formalised into a territory of Otonabee, with the role of custodian granted to prawny331. This would later become relevant as Otonabee joined Varathia and then Carbon, but Gallagher remained under the sole control of Otonabee.[3][4] Following the Olympian occupation of Lynn towards the end of the Second Hell War, the several Otonabian citizens fled to Gallagher to escape the conflict with their material possessions and regroup.

The Barbary War

Main Article: Barbary War

With Otonabee now a member of Carbon, many saw it as being Carbon-affiliated. When the New World Pirates fled to the New World to escape the fallout from the CivCorp obbybombing, the pirates chose the southern mountains of Gallagher to be their primary bunker. This lead to inevitable conflict when members of Gallagher were attacked by the Pirates. After a week of conflict centred around (and under) Gallager, the FSA successfuly liberated Gallagher from Pirate occupation.[5] Gallagher's newly formed Anti-Piracy Task Force fought alongside the Sesorian horde and Vibeville space marines to save their icy homeland.


Gallagher's claims following the conclusion of the Barbary War

IKEA_FRIDGE was named the new Custodian of Gallagher, and the colony's claims were changed, with territory being given to Polaria for their suffering in the Barbary War. Gallagher was expanded before activity dropped due to the ongoing Great War on the mainland. Activity never returned to the new world following the conclusion of the war. Land from Gallagher was further transferred to the Borealian Socialist Republic (BSR), following the conclusion of the BSR-Duckapore conflict, in the resolution of Saint Helena,[6] primarily the island formerly housing the defunct nation of Synlandia, and a large section of unused land in the west. Only a small region of land around the settlement remained, to act as a buffer between the BSR and the nation of Polaria, due to past conflicts between the two.


Gallagher was a mountainous, icy, barren tundra with scattered glaciers stretching from the highlands down to sea level. The north-eastern portion of the claim had a large Mega Taiga biome fantastic for growing carrots and redwood (spruce) trees.

The town of Gallagher at the time of the Barbary War


The town of Gallagher was a small, Norse themed settlement with several houses, a church, factory room and docks providing basic services for colonists. It lacked many amenities when compared to other larger New World cities like New Providence, Callisto and Vibeville.


The Custodian had complete control over the use of the land in accordance with Otonabian law, and was appointed by the Beekeeper (leader) of Otonabee.


Gallagher was linked to the Zeal underground horse tunnel network, it had a branch across the southern section between Norlund and Polaria.[7] Gallagher was also linked by an overground road between the colony itself and the Polarian capital.