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DateFirst Phase: 23 December-26 Janaury
Second Phase: Febuary 11-Febuary 22
Result Coalition Victory

Second Phase


First Phase

Aurora Oasis

Second Phase

The Coalition

Supported by:

Commanders and leaders

Mir SwiftFizz
Mir Gregy165

Mir TheJKH

First Phase

Second Phase

Casualties and losses
Clutch, SwiftFizz, Greggy Pearled
Payman Banned

First Phase
14 Pearled

Second Phase
9 Pearled

The Ez2War was the largest war in the history of CivRealms. The war was mainly fought between the Ez2Crew and the Fight or Die Coalition and culminated in the largest vault siege in the history of the server, resulting in a victory for the Fight or Die Coalition. The war can be divided into two main phases. The first phase was started by the Ez2 invasion of Bobanga on January 23rd, 2020. This phase of the war saw the increasing power of the Ez2Empire as they subjugated both Bobanga and Moloka. The second phase of the war was started with the Ez2Raids of Accelerada and Alexandria on February 11th, 2020 and culminated in the fall of the Ez2Vault.

The war saw a large influx of pvp'ers from CivClassics, who were called in to fight for both sides of the conflict. After the fall of the Ez2Vault, many of these players would go on to join nations like Savaguard and Cantina.



The Ez2Crew are a group of Portuguese players, known across servers mostly for the skill of Ez2Clutch, who is considered either a Tier 1 or even Tier 0 pvper. ThePayman meanwhile is the intellectual leader of the group, the oldest, and the one who manages much of the groups activities both internally and externally. Finally Ez2Kill is a competent pvper who complements Clutch's fighting. The Ez2s were members of Mir, a powerful nation in CivClassics which at the time was deep in the middle of waging the Infinity War. Mir included multiple high-tier pvpers such as Gregy, SwiftFizz and theJKH.

One day Clutch's internet disconnected during a vault siege and he was pearled by NATO fighters on Classics. His high security threat meant that his pearling would be a permapearl, and the Ez2Crew decided to migrate to a new server, CivRealms, to begin a new empire.

Ez2Crew Raids on Bobanga

On the 5th of January, players joined the server asking to join a country. They were invited to Bobanga, and given some basic tools, weapons and food. Within the first twenty minutes of joining they had raided the storehouse and killed the cows of Dar al-Vexler. When this crime was discovered, a bounty was put on their head by Bobanga publicly. They began to head north, but returned to Bobanga to fight DarkyDu. One Ez2 fighter was killed, but the remaining two killed DarkyDu, who respawned and waited for reinforcements from Alexandria before pressing on them, when they fled. After tripping snitches throughout the south-central belt, they were pearled one by one, and Ez2Clutch and ThePayman were transferred to Bobangan prisons. Ez2Kill was pearled by Moloka but later released.

However international pressure regarding the belief of innocence of the Ez2s resulted in their release, with Convoy of Carbon guaranteeing that they would not strike Bobanga again, and reparations being paid. Little did anyone know but this event would spark the first major conflict of the server. After release the Ez2s would move to Carbon.

Ez2Raid on Bobanga
Date5 January 2020
Dar al-Vexler, Bobanga
Result Bobangan Military Victory, Ez2 Diplomatic Victory

Support from:

  • Axusgrad
  • ponycau
  • MCSPenguin
  • TheDarkCenturion
Commanders and leaders
  • DarkyDu
  • Ez2Clutch
  • ThePayman
  • Ez2Kill
  • Casualties and losses
    DarkyDu killed, not pearled All pearled, later released

    After the Ez2Crew were released, images from their private discord were leaked which included comments suggesting they were planning to attack Bobanga again. The Bobangan leadership VC'd with the Ez2Crew, which quickly dissolved into insult slinging between the two parties. The Bobangans drove the Ez2s to pure cold revenge with their insults, calling the group "moors" and insulting Portugal as a culture and country. Convoy attempted to mediate, but to little effect.

    Release and construction of the Ez2Vault

    After their release from Bobanga, the Ez2Crew moved to Carbon, where they began grinding heavily to prepare for a future war, though no one including them knew what was going to happen. During this period Carbon effectively gave them free reign, as they were able to farm carrots and grind out huge quantities of obby. They secretly began building a vault in the far north of the server in the ocean, designed by Payman. The Ez2Crew acquired multiple sets of prot, god swords and eventually completed the main stage of the vault.

    There is criticism by some of Carbon and WP in this period for failing to realise the impact of what had happened, including Convoy and Carbon empowering the Ez2Crew to grind into affording a vault.

    First Phase

    Battle of Dar al-Vexler

    On the 23rd of January alts ran by the Ez2Crew appeared in Bobanga, breaking into the bunker while Bobangan players were offline. When the Bobangans logged in to play later that day, they were ambushed in their bunker and pearled. Radio silence was kept as Bobanga attempted to establish what had occurred, though information remained scant.

    Ez2 Tensions

    With the pearling of the Bobangans, it was quickly revealed to the server at large that the Ez2Crew had pearled the Bobangan leadership with the intention of keeping them perma-pearled. Furthermore the server would become aware that a massive vault had been constructed, one of the few on the server not owned by Carbon, and that the Ez2Crew were actively looking for a fight.

    Alexandrian scouts visited the Ez2Vault, where they were threatened by the Ez2Crew who strongarmed them into staying uninvolved. The Ez2 forces also visited Alexandria, but were warded away after Albyrt and the Alexandrian leadership agreed to respect the Ez2Crew and not interfere with them.

    The Ez2Crew then later visited the Molokan bunkers with illegally dug tunnels, where they performed the same routine under the false assumption that Ibis was a molokan that scouted their vault, hoping to bully Moloka out of 'getting involved'. The Ez Crew trapped Maxpowerboy in a bunker threatening pearling if Moloka didn't apologize and swear not to take action against Ez2Crew, they then broke pressure plates to the bunker and pressure plates to surface elevators. They then went onto the surface of braxos killing at least one citizen that was nearby, and max attacked the Ez2Crew when they withdrew through their illegally dug tunnel, beginning the Ez2-Moloka stage of the war, though the war had technically started before that.

    Battle of Braxos

    The Ez2Crew fought the Molokan army at their bunker. The battle was a slight loss for the Molokans, with one molokan casualty to no Ez2casualties. The Ez2Crew withdrew quickly after the battle.

    Molokan Attack of Ez2Vault

    Battle of Braxos
    Result Ez2Crew Victory
    Ez2Crew Moloka
    Commanders and leaders
    • Ez2Clutch
    • Ez2Kill
    • ThePayman
  • Maxpowerboy
  • Kalipso
  • Pirater
  • Kayla
  • Casualties and losses

    The battle was a total defeat for the Molokans, with many casualties to no Ez2casualties. The stated reasons for the Molokan defeat were a failure to properly organise, a lack of proper leadership, a lackluster attack bunker and nonexistent attack plan, and a lack of essential supplies such as boats and water potions.

    Second Phase

    Acceleradan-Western Empire Dispute over Unitas

    Ez2 Claim of Unitas

    Ez2 Raids of Alexandria

    Siege of the Ez2Vault


    The days leading up to the fighting

    First Battle of the Northern Attack Bunker

    That first real battle where FoD was forced to evacuate the northern attack bunker (idk if that's the name of it)

    Construction of the Corner Bunker

    When FoD constructed a new attack bunker just south of the northern one

    Second Battle of the Northern Attack Bunker

    When FoD rescued MasterB311, who had been logged in the bunker during the evacuation, but IronWhip got pearled


    When FoD constructed a skybridge to breach the Ez2Vault

    Vault Breach

    When FoD breached the Ez2Vault

    Dismantling of the Ez2Vault

    When FoD obby bombed poor innocent ez2crews city

    Bobangan Involvement in the War

    When Darky turned up on the frontlines


    Yamato-Bobangan War

    Logboxing of the Ez's

    When multiple Ez's were logboxed

    Acceleradan-Western Empire Compromise

    When Western Empire recognized Acceleradas claim on Unitas

    Bobangan Conference

    Main Article: Treaty of Tenochtitlan

    On March 17th, 2020, members of the Fight or Die Coalition met with the Bobangan government to discuss the future of the Bobangan jungle. This was a direct result of the Ez2War, where the First Scholar of Bobanga, DarkyDu, had participated on the Ez2 side of the war. After 6 days of discussion, the members of the Bobanga Conference agreed upon a new partition of the Bobangan Jungle. The Result was that Alexandria gained new Land in the eastern jungle, Anvard gained land in the southern jungle, Miletos gained land in the western jungle and the new nations of Eslenti and Cantina(formerly known as Risunsky and Sons) were founded. In addition to this, Bobanga also agreed to recognize the Yamato claim over Port Paradis.[1][2]

    Release of SwiftFizz

    When SwiftFizz was released on probation

    Unresolved Matters

    Kill and Clutch be like


    The war was in many ways a clash between old and new, with the old Classics-style play of grinder-raiders being pitted against a multi-national coalition of forces, though in some ways also reminiscent of CivClassics' Somber War. The aftermath of the war would see the gearing of multiple pvpers who would later disperse and empower nations like Savaguard and Cantina. Much of the impact of the war is still felt today on the server.