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This is a list of all heritage sites and landmarks registered by the International Cultural Preservation Association. A heritage site or landmark is a place that is considered to have special cultural, historical or physical significance. The list is sorted into three different categories: world heritage sites, regional heritage sites and landmarks, with each category corresponding to a different level of significance of the site. The category of each site is decided by the ICPA Committee, which consists of members from all over the world. The committee considers any site that is submitted in the #submissions channel of the ICPA Discord, and decides what category it fits in.


World Heritage Site

A heritage site of this level is considered iconic on the server - it is something almost all people are aware of and know, even though they do not live in the country or region it is. Very few sites qualify as World heritage sites. An example of this could be the Zexenia Tower - A building which is both historically significant, and is iconic on a server-wide level.

Regional Heritage Site

A heritage site of this level might be known all over the world, but is not "iconic" in the same sense. It is something, however, that you would direct visitors and travelers to see if they were in the area. Examples include: the Voter Tree in Mount Augusta and the Great Cathedral of the Eternal Coin in Tel Adam.


These structures are known on a local level, and carry historical or cultural significance for the local area it's in. Examples include: The Euthenia Carrot Statue, the Amaryllis Citadel, and the Kielsted Monument.

World Heritage Sites

Altar of the Elder Mod

Template:Infobox heritage This sacrilege of the Elder Mod community has quickly become one of the most recognizable builds on the server. It is especially unique in its construction as a six-sided geometric figure. The altercations at this altar have brought together players from all across the server to fight in friendly tournaments. The site is devoted to the the Order of the Elder Mod, the religious organization which rules Zen. Each of the eight central symbols represents a different facet of the religion and surrounding builds.

Amaryllis City

Template:Infobox heritage One of the oldest, most beautiful and most influential cities on the server. The city has amazing history, beautiful builds and unique natural elements that makes it such a special location on the map. Even though the country of Amaryllis doesn't exist anymore, the city is still a very well known location on the server.

Cathedral of Saint Lucia

Template:Infobox heritage Reason for categorization: The St. Lucia cathedral is, without a doubt, one of the largest construction projects undertaken on the server, and is certainly the largest religious structure. Despite still being under construction, the St. Lucia cathedral is already becoming an icon of the server and of the religious sects that inhabit it. As the center point of CivRealms' Christianity, it stands as a beacon that shines upon Norlund and as a symbol of the world.

Additional info: As with most cathedrals, the St. Lucia cathedral has been under construction for several months, and it seems that construction will remain at a slow, steady pace. Once completed, it will be the largest religious structure and one of the largest non-military structures by volume.

Robb's Tribe Memorial Bridge

Template:Infobox heritage This bridge, built on the site of the original oak slab bridge built by members of Robb's Tribe to connect the mainland to Volcano Island, spans over 400 blocks, making it the largest (and only) suspension bridge on the server. Built over two months (without the aid of a bastion field) using wood imported from across the continent, Robb's Tribe Memorial Bridge is an important part of Wheatistan's history, as well as an impressive feat of engineering.

Regional Heritage Sites

Mount Augusta Voter Tree

Template:Infobox heritage Mount Augusta's "Voter Tree" transcends any one server, and serves as the heart of MtA's political system. New citizens register themselves at the tree upon joining. It achieved regional importance when members of the nearby settlement of Boris burned the tree in protest of Mount Augusta's leadership. Although Mount Augusta is well known, this tree's historical and cultural significance is limited to the region, and therefore the site is a regional heritage site.

Temple of Serapis

Template:Infobox heritage The Temple of Serapis is one of the largest buildings of Alexandria. It stands on top of the artificial Paper Mache Mountain, where it can be seen from all over the city. It is dedicated to the god Serapis, and is constructed using the proportions of real ancient greek temples. The temple is considered a regional heritage site due to its prominent place in the culture, and skyline, of Alexandria.


GEXP Original Branch

Template:Infobox heritage The GEXP Original Branch was the first shop owned by GEXP, which ran the first large-scale experience operation on the server. Today, the building stands as a monument to the economic history of the server, and this history, along with the building's cultural significance in Wheatistan, makes it a landmark.

Ice Memorial Block

Template:Infobox heritage This block is the only block in a vast empty sea. It is unknown how it was made, but it is presumed to have been created with admin crimes. While this site does not hold a major historical or cultural significance, it is still considered a landmark due to its uniqueness.

La Commune d'Athena Memorial Pillar

Template:Infobox heritage This pillar is a memorial to la Commune d'Athena, an anarchist commune located where Tel Adam lies today. The pillar is considered a landmark, due to its historical significance.

Mt. Mountain/The Tree of Dionysus

Template:Infobox heritage Mount Mountain is a holy site in Alexandrian culture. It is said that the Hermit, a figure in Alexandrian folklore, attempted to perform a ritual inside the mountain, but that he failed and died, leaving his body to provide the nutrients that allowed the tree of Dionysus to sprout from the top of the mountain. The mountain and the tree have a lot of cultural significance to the people of Alexandria, which is why they are considered a landmark.

Ruins of Conqui

Template:Infobox heritage Main article: Conqui

The ruins of Conqui are the last remains of the short lived one man nation of Conqui. They were later used by TTastic when he settled Alexandria in late October of 2019. The historical significance of these ruins make them a landmark.

Tomb of the Unknown Oklahoman Soldier

Template:Infobox heritage Main article: One Day War

This historic landmark was built by MrTwister200 after the Battle of Zexenia. MrTwister200 was the last soldier defending Zexenia during the battle, and right before the Commonwealth forces broke through the defenses, he jumped into the sea and escaped. After this, he swam all the way to an island off the tip of Norlund, where he would construct this landmark in memory of the fallen soldiers during the war. He died shortly after of starvation.

The inscription on the signs next to the grave reads:

"Here lies the body of a lost Oklahoman Soldier The name is of the man is unimportant. Whats important is what he fought for. As Yellowfish was pearled in a frenzy by TWINKIEminer, his country was drafted into a war against the imperial Molokans. A battle to defend the West began in the Northern spruce forests of Sovereignty. This ended in the capture of TWINKIEminer and another soldier, Invader, by Moloka. The one victory Oklahoma could take was the pearl of Molokan High Emperor, Kalipso. The raid of Zexenia and Oklahoma that followed was a show of shocking war crimes and attrocities. Horses and livestock were slaughtered in both nations as hostage soldiers were held inside Zexenia's Sky city. The soldier that lays here escaped the city and fled to the North. Never forget that there is always two sides to a war. The soldier thought of home and his family, as he starved to death in the frozen wastelands of Northern Norlund"