Second Hell War

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The Second Hell War was a major conflict on CivRealms between Olympia, Cantina and other nations in the southern part of the map around Ascension Vault and Hell Vault. The conflict was relatively short, lasting only 2 weeks, but saw multiple people pearled and two failed vault attacks. The end result was an Olympian victory, after multiple Cantinan pearls and failed attacks.

Second Hell War

Cantina Skybridge and Olympian counter-Skybridge on the outskirts of the Hell Vault.
Date28th August 2020 - 10th September 2020
Result Olympian Victory
  • Olympia
  • Boris
  • Commanders and leaders
  • Posey
  • Kayla
  • Kicky_
  • Yaahya
  • Pido
  • Apache
  • ieatazz69
  • Noahravn
  • Sadie
  • Prawny
  • Logiche
  • Ibis
  • Hockey
  • Saren_Solaris
  • Dollaz
  • Vanax35
  • BuckyHD
  • Phacad3
  • Adderall
  • TwigBranch
  • Tomocat
  • DarkyDu
  • Iakwai
  • Vespasian
  • Strength
    ~50 ~10
    Casualties and losses
    18 pearled[1] 2 pearled (1 released midwar)

    Aftermath of the Hell War

    Rise of Olympia

    After the end of the First Hell War, the leadership of Hell decided to rebrand the country as Olympia[2], with the purpose of shedding the negative image that Hell had taken on through its past few weeks on the server. The rebrand was partially successful, but many people still memed that the new country was just the same as the old[3], perhaps with good reason.

    The Goodfellas

    Throughout the pre-war and leading periods, the server was beset upon by alt-raiders with an Italian theme called the Goodfellas[4]. Multiple parties including Cantina and Olympia worked together to fight the Goodfellas. One Goodfella was pearled, however HiImPosey allegedly forgot to refuel his pearl, and he was released, making many suspect Cantina collaboration with them.

    HanTzu then exposed the involvement of both Cantina and Blackwater as part of or constituent members of the Goodfellas[5] in a bombshell post, with Vah fucking up and accidentally exposing his accounts. All of HanTzu's predictions would later be proved as correct, and it was instrumental in helping mobilise the server against them. Blackwater rejected the claim[6]. In the most last case of raiding in Norlund and Yggdrasil, the Goodfellas released a video detailing their exploits[7].

    Eventually after pissing off the Blackwater leadership, Vah was pearled while in the BW skybunker[8]. His pearl was auctioned off and sold for 103 stamina to DarkyDu[9]. He was sent to Heaven[10], and pearled for a long 6 months[11].

    Shortly after Vah was sentenced, the Goodfellas were fought by a coalition of Olympian, Molokan, Yggdrasilian, Cantinan and MTA fighters, who managed to catch the Goodfellas out, isolate them and pearl 4 of them [12][13][14]. Their bunker was broken into, and the remaining Goodfellas escaped and scattered. In response to the news, Blackwater fully admitted guilt for their role in the Goodfellas[15], and agreed to payout to involved nations.


    Cactus Attacks Blaze in MTA

    TheKingCactus, a Cantina zoomer, attacked BlazeicktheMage, an Olympian zoomer, in MTA in what was an unprovoked attack[16]. Cactus failed, and was pearled by Twig. The Cantina side attempted to argue that it was a lawful arrest, and the event headed to the courts. Two cases occurred, Blaze and Twig vs Cactus and August[17], and Cantina v Blaze[18]. In the second case, Blaze was found innocent due to no Cantina arguments[19], while in the first, a highly unusual trial resulted in Cactus being sentenced for 3 days, which he served[20].

    Ibis and Varathia

    Stuff about Ibis and Olendor

    In response, Varathia banned Olympia from their borders[21].

    Olympia-Oasis Conflict

    After the discovery of the construction of a large scale farm to their southern border of the Ascension Vault, the Olympian forces rallied against Oasis. Oasis described the attack as unwarranted aggression[22], and a wide variety of people attended the fight. Olympia and Blackwater alts attended on the Olympian side, Oasis defended outnumbered, and Cantina zoomers watched the fight as neutral observers. Olympia claimed the farm was a vault under construction[23], and after the fighting finished Oasis were forced to evacuate the area and their territory was obby bombed.

    The server opinion was greatly split on the Olympia-Oasis conflict. Some Cantinans sympathised with Oasis, seeing them as honest farmers victimised by Olympia. Others saw them as another iteration of Mir preparing to wage war. Others still saw it as a localised conflict. Whatever the overall opinion, eventually the Olympian leadership apologised for their overaggression [24], and cleared up the grief they made in the region. Surprisingly, the apology actually resulted in a reconciliation, with the two parties not fighting at any point in the (near) future.

    Vespasian Affair

    While working in Robokaiser's cactus farm in the southern part of the map, encountered ElKool, and the two began to fight, and Vespasian managed to pearl, but was forced to release. He was logboxed on site, and then the next day attacked Lapis/Tyler in a private farm, pearling him while he was AFK-botting[25]. The incident immediately caused controversy, and Cantina replied to defend themselves, with the situation seemingly having no peaceful possible resolution[26], and a repeated spat occuring throughout the subreddit and discords[27].

    A few days later, Vespasian is seen in Cantinan territory scouting out their vault, and is chased by ElKool, however Vesp manages to escape. While heading back to the mainland, Cantinan pvpers set out to cut him off. PhinkleForb is intercepted in land east of Hell vault, and pearled by Addy and Vanax. Binchymonkey, an Otonabee neutral, is also attacked while passing by the Hell trench[28][29].

    Binchy was later released by Olympia, but Phinkle and Lapis remained held. A bounty was placed on all Olympians by Cantina, and it seemed as if the situation was directly marching towards war[30]. Vespasian made a final offer towards Cantina, which was also rejected[31]. Members of Cantina were then banned from Olympia[32]. While in Tel Adam, Kicky was just attacked by Vespasian, but managed to escape.

    Mount Augusta

    In mid-August, the scheduled Mount Augusta election came, with two leading candidates pulling ahead in the race: Citylion and Robokaiser. Citylion was officially backed by Cantina, and Robokaiser was officially backed by Olympia. For many, this seemed as if it was a direct election between two competing parties that would have dire implications for the central city of the map. As the results came in[33], Robokaiser pulled ahead in the adjusted vote system, but citylion pulled ahead in total votes cast.

    With the election completed, citylion formally contested the results, claiming that the adjusted voting system violates the MABOR[34]. While the Mount Augustan state validated Robokaiser's claim to victory[35], there was a great feeling that the election remained contested. The day after Robokaiser took power, citylion seized control of the bastions, removing Robokaiser and other of his agents from the bastion field. A team of Augustans and Olympians set to breaking every city bastion in Mount Augusta, placing them on new groups[36], removing any of citylion's power. Citylion on the other hand fled to CivCorp, fearing his life in MTA.

    Around this time legal provisions were brought against Adderall by Yaahya, who claimed that his property had been snitched, with significant evidence supporting him[37]. The trial raged on, but it was clear to all parties involved that Addy was guilty, and a plea deal was offered to the prosecution to plead guilty and spend 3 days pearled in MTA, with no extradition, which the defence intended to take - until further developments occurred.

    The exact specifics of the events are still debated, but what is clear is that SwiftFizz and Vespasian began fighting in the underground layers of MTA[38][39]. As the two fought both Saren and HanTzu joined in the fighting, Saren defending Swift and Han defending Vesp. In the midst of the conflict, Adderall falls into Vespasian's fall trap, and is pearled by Vesp. As a result, Vespasian is expelled from Olympia (Swift has already left a few days prior).

    The next day SwiftFizz attempts to break into Robokaiser's pyramid[40], with an attempt to pearl Vespasian's snitch bot - Robokaiser, without full information, pardons Adderall. A team composed of Hantzu, Twig, Tomo and other Olympians and former Olympians band together in MTA with the objective of arresting Swift for breaking into the pyramid. Swift flees into his bunker, and begins adding Cantinans to various groups, resulting in his formal expulsion from Olympia in any sense.

    Lapis and Phinkle are both released unconditionally the day after. Lapis demands that Olympia pay reparations for his released[41]. He places a large bounty of at least 50 stamina on every member.

    Otonabee and Descension

    At some point, part of western Varathia is bastioned by Olympia[42].

    On the 24th of August a tunnel between Ascension and Hell was found to have been obby bombed by Otonabee. Formal negotiations were began between Olympia and Otonabee, but a breakdown in negotiations resulted in the pearling of Otonabee member IKEA_FRIDGE, responsible for the bombing[43]. The next day, nearly the entirety of Otonabee is pearled by Olympia, who clear out the town in a quick and simple operation[44]. Otonabee bans Olympians from their territory[45]. Peace was later negotiated between Olympia and Otonabee, but to little avail[46].

    A day after the dispute between SwiftFizz and others in MTA, Swift is seen in the Hell skybunker, despite having been expelled the day before. A team of Olympians muster at the vault, and attack Swift, forcing him out of the render trench, where he escapes away. A heated debate rages in Olympia, with many in Olympia believing that Saren deliberately added Swift to groups without consulting the rest of Olympia. As a result of the heated debate, Neptune attacks Saren in the skybunker, who attempts to flee from the vault. While falling from the skybunker, he logs out and logs in to avoid fall damage, and escapes. In consequence, Neptune modmails and has Saren banned for a week, and crucially, pearled[47]. Saren's pearl is handed to Cantina, and Saren quits Olympia[48].

    Posey declared his empire the Sith Empire[49].

    Second Hell War

    The conflict began on the morning of Friday the 28th of August, when members of Chungus scouted out Ascension, breaching the render trench, building an attack bunker, obby-bombing the entrances and harassing members of Ascension. A series of pitched skirmishes occurred outside of Ascension around the bunker, with both sides retreating in multiple different battles. These were the first and few above-ground battles and fighting like this wouldn't be seen again in the rest of the war. After the battles, in the morning of the 29th, Olympia struck out and disabled the Cantinan attack bunker, log-boxxing TheBadAsh inside[50]. Later that day though a huge force mobilised, including Cantinans, Alexandrians and Varathians, breaking into the logbox and taking control of the bunker again[51].

    A series of intense tunnel pvps were began, with the objective for Olympia being to tunnel to the main Cantinan attack bunker, and for Cantina to pearl any and as many Olympians as possible. The tunnel pvp continued for a day or so without any significant progress, and in the morning of the 29th, when most players were asleep and the European shift hadn't begun, Olympia launched a skybridge attack on Cantina's main attack bunker in Obsidian lands[52]. Later in that day, Cantina discovered the construction of the skybridge, and launched an attack at the base, disabling the entrance, and gaining access, later obby bombing the bunker. They failed to breach into the tunnel, and the Olympians escaped it, though a few pvp skirmishes happened overground. Cantina nearly pearled Bucky in a 7v1, with Bucky narrowly kiting away, meanwhile the first pearl was FreeStyleJr08 who was caught out by Vespasian while wandering around unprotected overground.

    Ongoing skirmishes continued, with Olympia attempting to tunnel into the main Cantinan bunker, Cantina attempting to push overground, and all fighting being overground skirmishes and trap baiting. Negotiations between the two parties continued, with Cantina putting their terms out including 2 weeks for major Olympians, reparations and other concessions[53][54]. The negotiations began to break down, with Olympia alleging that Posey changed from 6 weeks for Vanax in a neutral vault, to 6 weeks for Vanax in Cantina vault, which Olympia rejected.

    1. Chungus zoomers scout out Ascension vault.
    2. 28th August, start of the war. Chungus zoomers obby bomb Ascension entrances, minor skirmishes around Ascension. Cantina builds an attack bunker close to Ascension.
    3. Multiple land battle skirmishes, both sides retreat. Cantina attack bunker disabled.
    4. Olympia attempts to skybridge Obsidian bunker, forced back by Cantina.
    5. Freestyle pearled in fight outside Ascension.
    6. Tunnel PVP begins.
    7. Olympia-Cantina-Blackwater negotiations, negotiations break down.
    8. Posey releases war terms, terms rejected, war begins in full swing.
    9. DarkyDu pearled in battle north of Ascension.
    10. Supposed pearled in tunnel PVP.
    11. Alexandria declares war on Olympia.
    12. Badash and Lingyin pearled in fights outside of Ascension.
    13. Otona-Varathia declares war on Olympia.
    13. Twig and Hantzu obby bomb Astra.
    14. Raiding of Otonabee.
    14. Fight moves to Hell. Cantina attempts to skybridge Hell. Olympia counter-skybridges and effectively halts Cantina progress.
    15. Cantina and coalition surrender.


    1. Boris trial of Ibis/Borisian genocide. Boris occupation of Varathia and raiding in Varathia.
    2. Otona-Varathia joins Carbon.
    3. Negotiations begin.
    4. Treaty of Erimos - peace between Olympia and Alexandria
    5. HanTzu secret negotiations with Olympian leaders. Terms leaked, Olympia rejects terms, HanTzu seizes Ascension.
    6. Treaty of August-September - peace between Olympia and Cantina
    7. Treaty of Crystal Cove - peace between Olympia and Otonabee
    8. Treaty of Olendor - peace between Olympia and Varathia, Olympia apology for behaviour in Varathia