Northern War

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Northern War

Kannin after attacks on the first day of the war.
Date19 July - 24 July 2020
Result Finished

Supported by:


Commanders and leaders

Jacob Grox



~45+ at the end of the war, mostly civilians ~30

The Northern War also known as the Norlundic Bush War was a military conflict on CivRealms 2.0 involving the Kingdom of Norlund, the Kingdom of Yggdrasil and Blackwater. It resulted in the end of the first Norlundic Settlement in the New World.


After having been left out of the Berlin conference, Norlund was determined to get it's own share of the New world - after recently having lost the municipality of Ansgar and wanted to reclaim lost prestige. A massive colonisation effort was thus organized.

The discovery of Kingslund

Norlund sent out over 14 brave explorers to all corners of the world, which eventually resulted in Joadgr fidning the continent and naming it Kingsluund. Some claim Kicky_ arrived before, but this claim is widely disputed. Norlund had stocked the explorers with vast amounts of resources and quickly settled in the land today known as Fortuna. This was in the Berlin conference decided to be SPQR land, but they formally rescinded the claim in favour of Norlund

Conflict with Fortuna

ComradeNick, who wanted his own share of Kingslund for himself, decided to hire Blackwater mercenaries to invade the supposed SPQR claim, which Norlund had settled. The land was supposed to be cleared of any who lived there, civilian or not. Norlund had at this point, due to it being a few hours into settlement only managed to do a rudementary bunker and didnt have the right infrastructure to effectively produce health potions to defend against attackers yet. ComradeNick approved of the invasion even after the fact that he became aware of the Norlish settlers, thus setting of the dominos that would become the Northern War.

Blackwater involvement

Norlund had, in comparison to many other countries not hired Blackwater protection out of morality and principle of not funding what it believed at the time to be a rising evil power. This proved to be detrimental as Blackwater attackers suddently started appearing on snitches and radars scouting out the Norlish claim. At this time it was late for many european Norlunders who had spent the evening exploring the oceans, and thus were in a weakened state of only a handful poorly armed fighters. The few fighters around, mainly Okx, Zamoradin and Leobonet managed to at first scare away the lone Blackwater scouts. As more Blackwater mercenaries arrived to the scene, the Norls retreated to their rudementary bunker to mount a defence of the resources. At this point the ungeared civilians logged off in said bunker. Blackwater started to attack the bunker and Norlund fought valiantly at a start, at 7 strong - only half armed with prot and without full loadouts Norlund managed to down one Blackwater mercenary and cripple another by breaking its armour by trapping the invaders in the bunker. As more and more Blackwater arrived the tide of battle quickly turned and suddently Norlund became outnumbered. An army of more than double the Norlish side descended upon the defenders and broke into the bunker, the final nail in the coffin for the Norlish resistance. A large amount of materials that Norlund invested into the colonisation were lost with the bunker.

Yggdrasil Involvement

As the defeated Norlish were on their way back to the Mainland and as the first Norl entered back into the main shard, snitches of Yggdrasilian and Blackwater members were seen. At first the Norls were confused, but it was apparent that a war much larger than first expected had started for the already very war weary Norls. Yggdrasil had laid claims to large amounts of Norlund, notably Kannin and large parts of Tallum and were in the process of raiding both civilian as military targets. The recently independent canton of Yoslan also joined the war against Norlund. As mainland Norlund were largely under invader occupation a guerilla war begun, utilizing defence in depth and guerilla tactics to disturb and delay enemy action. As Norlund, a newfriend and buildfriend nation knew it had no chance of beating Yggdrasil and Blackwater, it knew it had to rely on foreign aid allies to win this war. Thus a diplomatic front was opened, calling for aid from all the worlds nation to defeat the threat Norlund faced. While nations were sceptical at first, and could only offer Norlund ceremonial deals such as ensuring safety of refugees - server opinion later turned to Norlunds favour and more and more nations debated actual military intervention. This turn of events in combination with the Norlish resistance finally made Yggdrasil sign a peace deal with Norlund.

The second treaty of Kannin

The peace deal following the conflict concluded in a general white peace, with territorial concessions on both sides. Norlund ceeded Fortuna to Fortuna and Yggdrasil ceeded some privately owned farms on Norlish territory to Norlund and rescinded their aforementioned claims. Blackwater to give reps on a voluntary basis, which ultimately meant that no reps from Blackwater were recieved from both the lost gear and the massive amounts of resources lost in the expedition.