Otona-Varathian Empire

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Otona-Varathian Empire
Formation31st August 2020
GovernmentDual Monarchy
Governing documentTreaty of Lynn
• Emperor of Otona-Varathia
• Beekeeper of Otonabee
later binchymonkey
Preceded byCentral Powers Treaty

The Otona-Varathian Empire was formally a merger between the nations of Otonabee and Varathia under the Varathian Emperor Logiche, while it functionally acted as a close knit-alliance between the two states. The merger was announced mere days before the dual states declared war on Olympia and formally joined the disasterous Second Hell War, later joining the Carbon Federation for protection. The dual states' claims had it as one of the largest nations by landmass on the server at the conclusion of the Great War[1].


From the early days following the founding of Otonabee in March 2020, close cooperation between the neighbouring states arose following a state visit of the then Varathian Emperor Aresot to the fledgeling city of Lynn. The new nation was offered the opportunity of joining Varathia. rejected by the Otonobians desiring to forge their own path. Nonetheless, the two nations formed a strong trading relationship.

The Central Powers

On the 14th of May 2020, Otonabee was a signatory to the Central Powers Treaty alongside Varathia and Mount Augusta, a mutual trade, cooperation and defense treaty[2]. At the time, Otonabee was not yet a democratic republic, and as such was referred to as "the Dominion of Otonabee". While closer connections with MtA were planned, only a road link to Chesham in Varathia was ever completed, with a direct rail line between the capitals of Lynn and Olendor being constructed later. The mutual defense portion of the treaty was invoked following the attack on Varathia's vault starting the First Hell War, with the two nations fighting alongside the broader coalition of states to defeat the aggressors.

The Central Powers Treaty Lapses

While the agreement had initial success, relations with MtA soured following the election of Robokaiser[3], and the limited period treaty was never renewed. Otonabee and Varathia maintained good relations, with several discussions internally within the Otonabian government about fully merging with Varathia. These gained little traction, owing to concerns over the Emperor Aresot. At the time, the ex-Hell members had formed the new nation of Olympia, annexing many inactive surrounding microstates and now sharing a border with both Varathia and Otonabee, concerning both nations.

Aresot Abdicates

With Aresot relinquishing power to Logiche, the final barrier to any merger was gone.