Democratic Economic Alliance Treaty

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The Democratic Economic Alliance Treaty is a diplomatic document signed by Lord High Chancellor BritishWanderer, President Kaprediem, King Metriximor and the at the time Lusitania's minister of Economy, PCRato06, which was signed on 4 December 2021. The treaty was signed between the nations of Gabon, Lambat and Lusitania.

Democratic Economic Alliance Treaty
Drafted30 November 2021
Signed3 December 2021
Effective4 December 2021
NegotiatorsLusitania (CivClassic 2.0) PCRato06

Lusitania (CivClassic 2.0) Metriximor
Gabon BritishWanderer

Lambat Kaprediem
SignatoriesLusitania (CivClassic 2.0) PCRato06

Lusitania (CivClassic 2.0) Metriximor
Gabon BritishWanderer

Lambat Kaprediem
Ratifiers Lusitania[1]


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  2. BritishWanderer (6 December 2021). “As per the unanimous vote of the Gabonese Lord’s Council, I have been advised and insisted upon by my government through the power vested in me by the Constitution of Gabon to sign and ratify the Democratic Economic Alliance Treaty (DEAL)with our gorgeous and joyous neighbours and friends in Lusitania & Lambat. This shall be only the continuation of strengthening our relationships and fantastic ties that we hold with these nations and their wondrous citizenry. You can view the ratified treaty here: Stop by the Discord too and say hello and connect with our best friends!” – via Discord (#gabon-broadcasts). Gabon. Retrieved 6 December 2021. Screenshot
  3. Kaprediem (4 December 2021). “I'm pleased to announce that Lambat has joined Gabon and Lusitana in the new Democratic Economic Alliance (DEAL). DEAL is an organization of democratic nations. It solely focuses on economic development and freedom of movement.” – via Discord (#general-announcements). Lambat. Retrieved 5 December 2021. Screenshot