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The City of Tynemouth
Tynemouth seen from the Sea
Sovereign stateGrand Duchy of Varkonia
Constituent countryChancellery of Gabon
Administrative HQTynemouth Town Hall
City AuthorityOstenUndStolz (City Mayor)
Location-3440 , -2180
MottoBe Just And Fear Not

Tynemouth is a coastal town and the second largest population centre in the Chancellery of Gabon. The Gabonese capital of Salisbury is directly east. It is under the provinicial authority of Gabon's Lord Council, which meets in nearby Salisbury.

Tynemouth is built on the western coast of Gabon and faces the Bay of Hope. Surrounded by temperate forest on three sides, Tynemouth enjoys a cool climate made colder in the winter by the harsh ocean winds. Established in May 2019, the town is small but rapidly developing and is Gabon's major access point to Varkonia and the United Northern Congress by sea.


As one of the largest population centres in Gabon, Tynemouth is an important faction in the Gabonese government structure. Currently part of the borough of Salisbury, Tynemouth's representatives have been in talks with Gabon's leaders to create a new borough separated from the capital. Until then Tynemouth is part of Salisbury, which is one of the five boroughs (the others being Bakerswood, Cottingham, Venice, and Baile bán). As each borough is administrated by a Councillor, Tynemouth currently falls under direct rule of the Lord Councillor.

The towns own leader is OstenUndStolz, the inaugural mayor. The town's leadership meet in Tynemouth Town Hall, which faces onto the sea and beyond that, Varkonia.


Prior to Gabonese settlement, the area today known as Tynemouth was largely uninhabited, with the exception of small fishing communities who were dispersed along the coast. They lived in quiet harmony until the arrival of Captain Television and his fleet, which brought the newly crowned Gabonese monarch.

Under the Queen's rule, the area to the east of modern Tynemouth rapidly developed into the city of Salisbury. The new Gabonese capital flourished, with expansion towards neighbouring Bloom and large numbers of immigrants seeking wealth, honour or simply a new start. Despite this growth, the west coast of Gabon remained mainly undeveloped, except for a small number of buildings built under the Lord High Chancellor BritishWanderer's direction.

Modern Tynemouth

The first development of the land came after Gabonese Councillor OstenUndStolz's construction of nearby South Shields, another small town in Salisbury's surrounding forest. The first development made in Tynemouth was the Tynemouth Pier, notabe for its use of beautiful dark timber. Envisioned as a place for Gabon's citizens to visit and fish on, the Pier is also part of Tynemouth's greater harbour, which serves as a trading hub and export point to Varkonia and the rest of the world. Construction of homes and storage sheds soon followed and the town benefited from new arrivals coming from Salisbury.


Tynemouth is situated in the west of Gabon, in the Borough of Salisbury.


Tynemouth has a very moderate maritime climate influenced by its position upon the Bay of Hope. Strong winds frequently come in from the sea, exacerbating the cold temperatures in winter.


Tynemouth is surrounded by huge swathes of natural forestry, much like the rest of Gabon. Timber is a big factor in Tynemouth's recent economic growth, both exporting and importing products to and from Varkonia and other nearby lands. Under the Gabon Green Belt Scheme, a focus when developing the town was to ensure that the trees were not damaged or destroyed if possible. Much of Tynemouth's homes and buildings were made with timber sourced from Bakerswood.

Green Belt

The town is almost completely surrounded by natural vegetation, primarily the hundreds of year old oak trees that grow all over Gabon. The trees are accompanied by large swathes of grass and bush that have been planted around Tynemouth. This was a scheme planned to ensure that the town did not sprawl. The other main focus of this scheme is to provide distinction between Tynemouth and the neighbouring towns of Salisbury and South Shields. It is managed by local authorities under guidance from the Lord's Council.

Attractions and Amenities

Tynemouth Pier is a popular tourist attraction, noted for being where High Chancellor BritishWanderer and The Red Duke Mickale of Varkonia met in the town. The Pier is adjacent to the Shortsands Beach, which is south of the town itself. Shortsands is as the name suggests, only short, so beachgoers are recommended to visit Longsands to the north. The pier is 36 metres long, extending out into the sea.


Tynemouth is the second largest town in Gabon, falling in well behind the capital of Salisbury. According to research conducted by the GIA, currently all residents of Tynemouth are land owners. Despite this, a large percentage of houses within the town borders are unoccupied, which has prompted discussions into whether advertising for new citizens is necessary.


Gabon has several successful schools and educational facilities, but Tynemouth's famous St. Edmund's Christian School is the most well regarded. Named after Edmund the Martyr, who was murdered by pagans for not renouncing his faith, the school caters to students ranging from years 1 to 12. St. Edmund's is in the town centre, adjacent to the town hall. Students from St. Edmund's have a rivalry with those of Hackney School, in Salisbury.

Notable Visitors

- Mickale, Red Duke of Varkonia

- BritishWanderer, High Lord Chancellor of Gabon