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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Pavia
Known For
Main ResidenceGreat Pavian Hole
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerDevoted 3
Iterations played on

GetSkinny is a citizen of Pavia and was previously a politician, e-lawyer and legislation drafter across several countries. She is the chair of the Pavia Institute and the editor-in-chief of the Pavian Tribune. Formerly, she wrote for the Salisbury Gazette.



In Vogelburg, GetSkinny was originally created a Duke. She was later appointed as a senator, councillor and eventually Chancellor. She was responsible for drafting most of the statute book. When the King was absent, GetSkinny was appointed the Prince Regent and ruled over the country. GetSkinny entered into alliances with Mount Athos and Irithyll, negotiating and drafting treaties formalising these arrangements.


In Gabon, GetSkinny was the founding Queen. She appointed BritishWanderer as her Lord High Chancellor, giving him effective control of the Privy Council. During this time, she expanded the territory of Gabon into inactive neighbouring countries. GetSkinny entered into a treaty with Varkonia whereby Gabon became a protectorate with strong control over its internal politics, including an independent court system, and the royal family was dissolved. Shortly afterwards, GetSkinny led a civil war seeking independence again. She was ousted from government and lived a humble life for many years. She later became involved in Gabonese politics again, being elected a councillor. During this time, she passed several laws and drafted several treaties.

She worked with Citylion of Mount Augusta to draft the rules for the Forum for International Diplomacy. The United Nations-like body was successful in its short lifespan of stimulating international discussion and resolutions, though it never held a formal meeting.


Under the treaty between Varkonia and Gabon, the latter nation was entitled to appoint persons to the Varkonian senate. Through this process, GetSkinny became a Varkonian senator. During this time, she drafted several laws for Varkonia and re-drafted the legislation creating the Varkonian Civil Service. This later became the basis for the Gabonese Public Service which contributed greatly to the continued growth of Gabon.

Norlund and Florentia

GetSkinny was the Pope of Florentia, which quickly became a canton of Norlund. The canton was controversial because it had strict laws, including that all property in the territory was held by the church, farms could not be harvested, the sacred mountain could not be scaled and public drunkenness was a crime. The cultural differences between Florentia and other cantons caused a divide in popular opinion of the church across the nation.

She was an active drafter of legislation for the House of Commons, and established the Norlish Legal Information Institute which collated and freely published all legal materials of Norlund. She also acted frequently as a member of the electoral commission, overseeing the democratic process for Norlund. This included creating a bot that sent pre-filled voting ballots to all citizens, enabling easier compliance with the technical voter registration laws.

She presided as judge on several pivotal cases, including determining the validity of constitutional amendments and administrative appointments made by the King.


In Pavia, GetSkinny founded the Pavia Institute and currently acts as its chair. It is a non-profit dedicated to putting Pavians in the centre of the world and shaping the future of Pavia for the public good. It currently runs the a local newspaper, collates all laws in Pavia and publishes the official Pavian Government website.