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For the Civclassic iteration, see The Commonwealth (CC); for the 2.0 iteration, see Commonwealth (2.0).

The Commonwealth (CMC) is the continuation of the monarchy which was first founded in Civcraft 2.0 by Sashimii and then on Civclassic by Cowguypig. The third iteration was founded on CivMC by Reffelruz, who joined the nation and the game in the early days of the Classic Era. Though Reffelruz retains a primary administrative role in the early settlement, Peter5930 - who remained king up until the end of the Classic Era - remains so today, despite his complete absence from the game for several years. Hence, the nation is in practice a theocracy, having deified its last king and its selective monarchy evolved into a permanent symbolic monarchy, similar in form to that of Jesus Christ in relation to the Holy Roman Empire and the later Vatican. The Commonwealth plan to focus on attracting tourism through cultural work and social events, as well as accommodation of interstate travel and trade via Shopside, as is a tradition for the nation going back to 2.0. The Commonwealth resides in the multi-level jungle surrounding Mount Olympus, on the equator west of the world-centre; plans for several boroughs have been made in the area, following the 2.0 formula of boroughs being right next to each other.