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Poortea's skin on his main account remains to be an Uguu skin
Image of Poortea's most well known alt, thomasih.
Personal Info
Known ForUsing VPN alts
Main ResidenceBasically every vault spike across the server
Previous citizenships

Poortea, also known as Thomasih and Zenos11, is a player notorious for using VPN alts to evade his ban from various Civ servers.[1] The alt addiction also extends to discord and civwiki accounts.

poortea has most likely cost me more time and accumulated more reason to be banned than all other banned players combined — Maxopoly

Devoted 2.0

Poortea was a player on Devoted 2.0. He was a member on the Half Pint vault, and defended it from time to time. His main residence was inside the Half Pint Skybunker, where he had his own private room inside the unused walls of the skybunker. He was once briefly pearled by Amelorate, although the reason is lost to time.

Devoted 3.0

Poortea was a member of Uguu during Devoted 3.0. At one point, he sparked some conflict between Veritas and Uguu by illegally snitching Veritas's lands.[2]

CivClassics 2.0

United States of America

Poortea began to play on CivClassic during the start-of-the-world times, founding the United States of America with ParkerTehPwner and Bewsiej. During this time he played mostly legitimately, however he eventually fell to duping in order to fund the building of the USA's new vault at the world border. He eventually fell into inactivity because his PC was lost while he was moving house, and he was banned from the server when a falsified document claiming he doxed several Civ players was published with other members' names replaced with Poortea's.


During CivClassic, Poortea managed to successfully create a fake persona on his alt Thomasih and was not caught for about two years.[3]


As Zenos11, poortea was a founding member of Murphy Tech.


Known as TokenMoon on discord, poortea played as TheVorkapic[4][5] while banned and was pearled by KnotNSA[6] for walking near a Columbian vault while talking about wanting to map exclusion zones. After failing to convince Columbia to be free him TheVorkapic was permanently banned by Wingzero54 for spamming "kys nato" to Robokaiser 31 times.[7][8]


May have been playing as NetherPearled and PurpleB0ss/PurpleBozz.[9]


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