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Medicism or Medic philosophy is a school of thought which arose out of the Commonwealth city of Meditat during the first days of the Somber War. Adherents regard Civcraft as the intended foundation for the establishment of the Aquarian religion prophesied in the turning of the astrological age into that of Aquarius, and a necessary stage in development of social-religious consciousness. Reffelruz, founder of the religion, identifies King Peter5930 as the central figure of the Medic mysteries, and seeks to cultivate "Civcraft Consciousness", a state of enlightenment reached through full participation in the game world. Various writings are currently being produced by Reffelruz in the Temple.


In the Early days of the Commonwealth on Civclassic, before the capital was named or the parliament constructed, two travellers arrived in town by the names of jasonbord and reffelruz. Both players had big plans, both of them seeking to build property and open establishments to do business in the area. Both did so, but while jasonbord's mind turned to politics, participating in the local Augustan government, reffelruz' turned to philosophy and religion; walking between businesses one day, reffelruz noticed a street preacher in the streets of early Westminster, by the name of trevie333 - he was the figurehead of what would be come to known as the Cult of Trevie; the scene was performed in entirely ironic fashion: the words were unimportant, the worship was a joke, the whole thing meaningless. Seeing this, reffelruz set out to give the world true religion - to learn the history of Civcraft and of the Commonwealth, to study the ways of players through the ages, to find the patterns hidden in the story of the game, to ponder the All and the One, to see the purpose of the simulation - and to deliver it all in the form of Civcraft's very own mythology.

Not long following this decision, the Somber war erupted in the streets of Westminster - obsidian rained down on the city, clogging up the canals, littering the rooftops, coating the roads and the faces of buildings; the city was evacuated before the attack, as the guard had been given warning; but reffelruz remained behind, for he had many possessions in the city, and did not wish to part with them. He collected all he could carry, and when it was safe, he carried a minecart down to Union Station and boarded the line to Meditat - there he took refuge, in the hot sand and shady palm trees of the desert oasis; there, he began to meditate on this world, and on his experiences, and he began to read, and he began to write.

While Living in Meditat, reffelruz could be seen in the sheep pens with a pair of shears in one hand and a book and quill in the other. He began to experience visions and revelations in his meditation, and eagerly shared them with his neighbours at the oasis. During the war, the small oasis town of Meditat became a sprawling desert city, and the construction of temples soon began, allowing reffelruz the chance to build the mythology of Civcraft directly into the architecture.

At this time, Peter5930 was crowned King as he was being crucified in the End; this event became the central image of the cosmos in reffelruz's vision, and brought him into the sphere of politics as a mystic, proclaiming Peter to be an incarnate god and the central archetype of the world.


Medic philosophy merges the field of game design and its various components with that of philosophy in the general sense- or, rather, it acknowledges this as the logical development of philosophy in the context of Civcraft, where the question of how best to live in the world is translated through terms of game mechanics. It also re-merges the fields of philosophy and theology or mysticism- that is, religious imagery is brought back into the realm of legitimate philosophical thought and analysis, and used to provide a road map of the world and phenomenon that is the history of Civcraft.