Entranan Transcontinental Express

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Flag of the Entranan Republic
Flag of the Commonwealth

Entranan Transcontinental Route

The Entranan Transcontinental Express (E.T.E.) is a direct high-speed rail line from Entrana, Entranan Republic, to Westminster, Commonwealth - providing a direct rail link from the South-Eastern (+/+) quadrant to the South-Western (-/+) quadrant. The rail line was completed on the 1st of September, 2018.

The Journey between Entrana and Westminster takes around 33 minutes, vastly shortening travel times between both cities. Large parts of the rail are, admittedly, one rail wide, but both nations aim to upgrade these sections soon[when?]. Nations wanting to connect to the E.T.E are advised to contact Burgermeister Shtim of the Entranan Republic, on reddit or in game.

  • Entrana Central Station, terminus for the Entranan Transcontinental Express
  • Westminster Station, terminus for the Entranan Transcontinental Express