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Yergo in Yoahtl in 2021
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Yoahtl
 Mount September
Known ForProlific Yoahtlan nationalist
Main ResidenceNYC
Public Altsnew_yoahtl_city, alcuahtl
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
Iterations played on

Yergo is a prominent member of Yoahtl having presided as a judge, worked on iceroads and botted obsidian for them.[1] Yergo joined CivClassic 2.0 in 2019 having been introduced to Civ by Kovio and Greenkitten.[1] At the second Fish Festival he won a bronze in hide and seek and a silver in the PvP tournament.[1] Yergo in the past has had Jolington and Christopian citizenship, and while in Jolington had the position of Tribune of the Plebes.[1] While working as a Yoahtlan judge, Yegro had rule on OKx over the War in Dumnonia. Yergo was a creator of ingame Map Art.