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Render of the Melon Man Statue designed by triinitymelons, render by Seekinq
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsWyvern Kingdom of Fish Kraken Commonwealth Mount September Acadia
Known ForMelon Farming and being Queen of Wyvern
Main ResidenceGriffin
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0


Before reading the CivWiki on player "triinitymelons", it is imperative to understand the importance of the melon. Now, really, what is a melon? A food? A decoration? A weapon of mass destruction? The correct answer: all of them. A melon is a crucial artifact gatherable by nearly any Minecraft player, and in this case, nearly any CivCraft player. Except in this world of Minecraft, the use of a melon is heavily underestimated and it is seen as a mere source of food. Do not listen to such lies, as the truth has been heavily suppressed by the weepee. Through the studies of triinitymelons, it has been found that melons hold the powers stronger than any god to exist. It is all just a matter of how the power is gathered, contained, and manipulated. Though one may think, "Aha, a melon is quick and easy to grow, none shall falter to such powers if thy melons don strengths of both healing and destruction.", it would be foolish to think it is so easy to reach such powers of the melon. Though that is a lesson for another day. Here you are for the player, melon farmer, and aspiring millionare, triinitymelons.


triinitymelons was formerly known as _Monkee during the release of CivClassics. She was in the nation of Kraken at the beginning, and as the nation of Kraken died out to be reborn as Nymph, triinitymelons/_Monkee was a founder of the nation Nymph. _Monkee at the time did not favor the powers of melon, nor did she understand the powers they behold. Years later, during the release of CivUniverse did the creations of such magic and religion form into the powers of the melon. triinitymelons had one goal at the beginning of CivUniverse. Complete melon world domination. What did this mean? triinitymelons herself did not quite know what that meant, though she set out for said goal nonetheless. triinitymelons was a councilmember and founder of Wyvern at the beginning of CivUniverse, owning a small island and a hefty plot of prime farm land in the swamps. triinitymelons focused her time into creating a farm of the melons. She did not falter nor delay, for every action of her being was precisely and accurately calculated for maximum melon efficiency. At the beginning of the server, triinitymelons had a puny and disappointing melon farm barely strong enough to withstand the strength of a thousand suns. By the end of the server, not only did she become Queen of Wyvern, she had the largest melon farm in all of CivUniverse.

Queen of Wyvern

triinitymelons served as Queen of Wyvern following Seekinq stepping down on the 9th of February and alexmelon's coronation was on the 13th of February. Upon her coronation, the entire party attending planned an elaborate assasination attempt on the new Queen They failed miserably upon the strength of the melons.

Melon Farmer

triinitymelons is a world renowned and famed melon farmer, known for her devotion to the art of melon cultivation. It is said that each and every melon created by her rightful hand is given the love and care that it so much deserves of, despite the fact that she also governs the most melon production and efficiency known to mankind. The practice of melon farming is known to be an annoying task, and a slow one. triinitymelons has found several new techniques to both enhance the speed of melon production while also making the task easier. Her techniques and rituals for farming are kept secret, as only she and the melons themselves have witnessed the arts of her techniques. One could say that her melon farming is the same as any other farming, but all of her melons have been reviewed and studied by other melon scientists around the world and they have confirmed that there is no other melon like hers. Admin and Owner of CivUniverse, Ian_x12, has even confirmed it saying that the melons of triinitymelons are 10/10 and the best in the server. triinitymelons claims that her techniques are learned from her ancestral connection to the melons, and being so heavily devoted to their newfound study has given her the ability to speak with the melons.

Side Jobs

Travel Poster for alexmelon's duchy in Wyvern

Though a humble melon farmer, triinitymelons also took the jobs and roles of many other occupations. Her once second line of work was pole dancing in casinos and clubs, generating funds to fuel more melon farm industry. triinitymelons was also a sculptor, though she was no true artist, she made a statue of The Melon Man holding our beloved Melon Earth over his shoulders. The grand statue was built in honor of the melons, and is a holy site on the Mellon island. She is said to be planning a larger melon man statue, one larger than the sun itself. Though at heart she was a melon farmer and Queen of Wyvern, triinitymelons was also a wholesome slaver of the cow population for Wyvern. triinitymelons also was a distributer of pharmaceuticals and narcotics, while also policing the extinction of such drugs in the salami seas. She also had her own resource pack from multiple different resource packs mashed into one melon themed pack which can be found Here.

Moon eclipsed by the Melon Man Statue