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Not to be confused with Gantoe.

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Current Citizenships Free Danzilonan Republic
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First Civ ServerCivcraft 1.0
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Gant2000 (or simply Gant) is a Civcraft oldfriend who has been playing since 2012 and founded the original iteration of Danzilona on Civcraft 1.0. After Danzilona was griefed in the Great HCF War, Gant stayed to clean up until CivCraft 2.0 was announced. On the first day of 2.0, Gant was a part of the team that founded New Danzilona. Gant was pivotal in early infrastructure projects, especially natural areas and farms, as well as in determining the governance structure of the city. Gant stirred up controversy on a number of occasions, first when he proposed the Treaty of Monte Carlo with the neighbouring nation of Monaco, second when he proposed to tear down many of NDZ's original farms in favour of forested areas, and lastly and most importantly when he pretended to quit Civ only to found Riverford on a secret alt, which was a main catalyst for the Riverford War. Gant went inactive for the war but came back to help found Nova Danzilona on Civcraft 3.0 and the Free Danzilonan Republic on CivMC, where he currently remains active.


Civcraft 1.0

On October 20, 2012, Gant founded the "free capitalist state of Danzilona," which became a part of the Quad Cities region and formed close ties with the towns of Communa and Agraria.[1] Gant also had Danzilona join the South Eastern Alliance, further strengthening trade and diplomatic ties in the area.

On February 19, 2013, Gant publicly announced that Danzilona had been destroyed by the HCF.[2] He would stay to help clean up grief until Civcraft 2.0 was announced.

Civcraft 2.0

Gant helped found New Danzilona on May 19, 2013.[3] During the summer, Gant helped clean up grief and usher in negotiations with a prolific griefer group of the +,+.[4] Gant also led NDZ into forming an alliance with Holy Tree, laying one of the building blocks for a network of alliances that would eventually become the United Provinces of the Plus Plus in late 2013.[5] Also in late 2013, Gant proposed a system of government for the city where one had been absent for the first 7 months of its existence.[6] This proposal would ultimately never be adopted.

In early 2014, Gant attempted to forge a border deal with the nearby nation of Monaco, but failed to get a popular one voted through.[7] He was instead a part of the team that made the deal covertly anyway. This backfired when Monaco invaded NDZ a few weeks later, leading Gant to turn against them.

In May 2014, Gant began an initiative to replace many of NDZ's old farms with forests, one that proved to be controversial and extremely unpopular with many citizens. Gant got into a dispute with one of his rivals, causing them to pearl and bounty each other.[8] In the end, Gant's initiative passed.[9]

In June 2014, Gant publicly quit Civcraft.[10] However, he continued playing secretly on an alt, Sergeant_Pepper, until the end of the Riverford War.

Civcraft 3.0

In 2016, Gant returned to Civcraft and helped found Nova Danzilona where he built a house and helped design roads.


After 6 years of dormancy on Civ, Gant returned once again to cofound the Free Danzilonan Republic. So far, he's spearheaded the refoundation of the NDZHL and built NDZ's factory building.