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The de facto flag of Riverford
Part of Danzilonan Federation
Famous forRiverford War
Server IterationCivcraft 2.0
GovernmentAutocracy (July 2014-October 19, 2014)

Diarchy (October 19, 2014-January 1, 2015)

New Danzilona Territory (January 1, 2015-January 16, 2016)
  • NerdChops
  • axwin
Foundation DateJuly 2014
Incorporation into New DanzilonaJanuary 1, 2015

Riverford was a territory of New Danzilona located about 1.2k blocks east of Mt. Augusta on Civcraft 2.0. It was most notable for being the site of the Yurtstead War between the Danzilonan Security Force (DSF) and Holy Krautchan Empire that occurred in September 2014. After the war, it mostly provided oak wood and strategic importance to the rest of NDZ.



Riverford was founded in July 2014 by a newfriend named Seargent_Pepper. Pepper remained the sole resident of Riverford for a week or two, and he mostly kept to himself until one day when he decided to expand his claims and try to recruit more residents. While negotiating a land purchase with the neighboring nation of Holy Tree, the land that Pepper was thereafter given by the Holy Tree government was settled by two newfriends who founded the small settlement of Vend. Pepper initially attempted to establish cordial relations despite coveting their land, but things turned sour when Pepper was caught looking through chests in Vend and accused of stealing. They placed a bounty on Pepper, but Pepper placed a counter-bounty on the two Vend residents which was taken up by residents from Olympia and NDZ. The Vend newfriends were subsequently pearled, exiled, and their land was annexed into Riverford.[1]

As a City in the DZF

In late July, Riverford had 5 residents, which made it eligible to become a town in the Danzilonan Federation. Pepper noticed this, and quickly applied to become the DZF's next city. Danzilonans saw this not only as an opportunity to help out new cities, but also to gain a foothold in the extremely active Augusta region. Danzilonans overwhelmingly voted in favor of Riverford becoming a city in the DZF.[2]

When Riverford joined the DZF, even though they were autonomous, they got very involved in the rest of the federation. Many Danzilonans flocked to visit the new town. Pepper was also given diamonds by the NDZ government to make snitches with. When discussion of a federal government popped up in late August 2014, Pepper got deeply involved and helped form the basis of the DZF government, which was formed on September 1, 2014. In the government, Pepper was elected as representative of Riverford.

The Yurtstead War

Main Article: Yurtstead War

Conflicts with Riverford's claims didn't stop when Pepper enforced his claims over the newfriend town. For basically the whole month of August, Pepper was discussing his claims with Screenname, the leader of the city neighboring Riverford to the west, New Detroit. Since all of the land west of New Detroit was claimed by Mt. Augusta, they had no choice but to expand eastward. However, they ran into trouble when they found out much of the land east of them was claimed by Riverford.[3] Screenname tried to get Pepper to give some of Riverford's land to New Detroit, but no deal would please Pepper, and the talks stopped.

On September 6, 2014, some citizens of the HKE (of which Screenname had close ties to) illegally built a small settlement within Riverford's land claims. The settlement was called Yurtstead, and it consisted entirely of small, mostly empty huts. The HKE argued that since they built something on the unused land, it now rightfully belonged to them. In response, Pepper called in the Danzilonan Security Force to deal with the problem. The DSF fought multiple battles against HKE forces and their allies. A day later, on September 7th, the government of New Detroit and NDZ negotiated a peace deal, whereas New Detroit got much of the land that Riverford claimed to the east.[4]


The Yurtstead War had driven all of Riverford's residents besides Pepper out of the city. With support from NDZ dwindling, Pepper gave up and quit Civcraft. He passed on his power to two diarchs of Riverford: NDZ citizens axwin and NerdChops, who were two of the few Danzilonan citizens who supported Pepper during the war despite not being in the DSF. Under the diarchs, a few homes were built, and the construction of a large fort called Fort Compensation began. Sadly, the diarchs went inactive, and in January 2015, Riverford was demoted from federal city status and was made a territory of the city of New Danzilona.[5]

It was later revealed that Pepper was not a newfriend, but actually an alt of Gant2000, a co-founder of NDZ who had supposedly quit Civcraft.[6]

In January 2015, another territorial dispute between NDZ and New Detroit began, when Screenname claimed that Gant promised that Riverford would be given to New Detroit if there was no development in Riverford. Screen tried to forcefully take Riverford, for which she was quickly pearled by the DSF. When nothing that documented Gant's promised surfaced, the deal was deemed fake, and things continued on as usual.[7]

On February 18, 2015, yet another territorial dispute occurred, this time with a rogue city that spawned in New Detroit's land. The city was called Syngrad, and it was comprised mostly of troublemakers who were previously bountied for trespassing and murder. After a brief cold war, it was revealed that the leader of Syngrad forged a regional political map to make it look like he wasn't settled on claimed land. He then quickly gave up, and the claims of New Detroit and Riverford were successfully enforced.

As time went on, Riverford never gained any citizens, and activity was very low. NDZ noticed this and wanted to be fair to New Detroit, so they gave most of Riverford's western claims to them in exchange for land in the desert that New Detroit claimed.

During the summer of 2015, Riverford had been the target of many projects, including the Riverford bridge, central park, and Fort Compensation 2.0.[8]