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Battle of Imbolc

Danzilonan tanks, seen here commanded by Sergeant mummybundles, roll into Cortesian-occupied Imbolc.
DateJanuary 5, 2023 - present
FDR-CDM border


  • Most of Imbolc becomes No Man's Land

 Free Danzilonan Republic
Supported by:

 Cortesia Del Mar
Commanders and leaders

Free Danzilonan Republic Des23
Free Danzilonan Republic mummybundles

Cortesia Del Mar CommradePotatoe
Units involved

Defence Ministry

Venne Vennish Navy
Cortesia Del Mar Ministry of the Interior

5 militia members
1 Ranubite guerilla partisan
4 attack dogs
2 Naran-bought tanks

1 Vennish naval officer

1 field marshal
2 officers

3 tanks
Casualties and losses
2 bumblebees

1 tank
1 artillery

1 anti-tank gun

The Battle of Imbolc is an ongoing battle between the Free Danzilonan Republic (FDR) and Cortesia Del Mar (CDM) over the Danzilonan border town of Imbolc on CivMC. The battle is the culmination of an unresolved border dispute that dates back to the first week of CivMC's existence. Both the FDR and CDM believed the land to be Danzilona's until it was discovered on January 4, 2023 that CDM never officially voted to establish the border where it was believed to have been, leaving most of Imbolc de jure under CDM rule. Upon this discovery, the Danzilonan Defence Ministry sent in forces to secure the area, prompting CDM to respond militarily to hold the line at the border they recognised.[1][2] There is currently a stalemate at this line, with both sides digging trenches and continually firing upon each other without much movement.[3]


Having been a candidate for March Pact membership before the start of CivMC, the Free Danzilonan Republic has established and maintained cordial relations with Cortesia Del Mar since before the server started on June 2, 2022, and upon launch, the two nations became neighbours as according to their plans. Where exactly their shared border would stand became an immediate albiet minor issue which was only exacerbated by Danzilona's hesitancy to release their own claims map. Danzilona wished to own the entire forest valley that stood on their proposed border, to which the government of CDM generally agreed upon, and both considered the issue settled. However, unbeknownst to either party, CDM neglected to hold a formal vote on this border change, and the only claims map of Danzilona released at the time was a joint claims map with the rest of Alenarith that only showed their pre-agreement borders, leading mapmakers to draw their border erroneously in every following world political map (despite Danzilona finally posting a claims map of their own on August 6, 2022[4]).

The town of Imbolc was founded by the Danzilonans in this forest valley during the first week of the server. At the beginning, the small town was occupied by Mery people, Disciples of Ranubis, and non-religious Danzilonans alike. However, the population began to decline after July 2022, leaving just a couple Ranubites left to staff their local church. To this day, Imbolc remains a popular seaside resort for the Danzilonans as well as the site of the only actual birch tree farm in Danzilona.[5]

Course of war

On January 4, 2023, about 6 months after the foundation of Imbolc, Cortesian Interior MInister CommradePotatoe discovered this official discrepancy between the Danzilonan version of the border and their own. After being told of this conflict, outraged Danzilonan Defence Minister Des23 ordered troops to secure Imbolc the following day.[6]

Failed Cortesian Counterattack and Stalemate

Upon learning of Danzilona's invasion of Imbolc, CommradePotatoe also sent Cortesian troops to the border to attempt a counterattack against Danzilonan tanks with a tank of their own.[7] Luckily for the Danzilonans, they recieved a decisive shipment of tanks from Nara, which consisted of tanks that were able to maneuver freely and protect the driver. The Cortesian tank, on the other hand, was much smaller, restricted to railroad tracks, and left the driver completely exposed. Because of this shortfall, Danzilonan troops disabled the Cortesian tank and decisively stopped their counterattack. Both sides then took up a defensive position and built a line of trenches that stretched the entire length of the forest valley, resulting in a stalement and turning most of Imbolc into a No Man's Land.

Local Ranubite zealots independently took up arms in support of their home nation and blocked off the FDR-CDM Northern Line, preventing the Cortesian troops from receiving supplies to the front via rail.[8]

Danzilonan Advancement and Cortesian Reinforcements

During the second day of the battle, the Danzilonan tanks were able to bust through the first line of Cortesian defences, destroying an artillery gun and an anti-tank gun in the process. The Cortesian trenches were conquered, moving the line of contact northward.[9] This day also marked the first time the Danzilonan Air Force was deployed on CivMC. In response, the Cortesians quickly fielded their own, brand new tanks to stop further Danzilonan advancement, creating a stalemate once again[10]

Vennish warship staffed by Shadowvdark off the coast of Imbolc

Naval Supremacy and Danzilonan Victory

On January 10, the navy of Venne sent a warship to flank the Cortesian reinforcements, opening up a sea route between Imbolc and the Cortesian capital of Santiago. Des23 invaded and conquered the capital and called upon CDM to surrender.