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wingnut4096 as he appeared shortly before going inactive in the late days of Civcraft 2.0
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Free Danzilonan Republic
Known ForFounder of the religion of Ranubism and long-time resident of New Danzilona
Main Residence Danzilona (Civcraft 1.0)
New Danzilona
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 1.0
Iterations played on

wingnut4096 (or simply "wing") is a Civcraft-playing oldfriend known for his religious endeavours in the +,+ as the founder of Ranubism. wing first settled in Danzilona on Civcraft 1.0 in late 2012, bringing real life friends and family with him as well as their roleplay religion. Although he was pearled during the Great HCF War, he remained a Danzilonan, and when 2.0 started, he founded the holy city of the DPNCCR as a neighbouring sister city of New Danzilona.[1]He and the rest of the DPNCCR citizens were also citizens of NDZ, and the two cities united under the Danzilonan Federation. Discrepencies between how the two cities were each goverened and the lack of clarity in their relationship caused contention, however, eventually resulting in the DPNCCR declaring independence and most of its residents, including wing, leaving Civcraft for a time.[2][3]wing returned at the beginning of the summer of 2014 but played only casually for the rest of 2.0.


Civcraft 1.0

wing joined the city of Danzilona in late 2012. He played largely for fun with his real life friends, mostly spreading their LARP religion known as Ranubism to the previously unexposed Danzilonans. In December 2012, wing became Minister of Defence during the Great HCF War, for which he was pearled by the HCF for a month.[4][5]After being released, wing attempted to make his own town, but ran into trouble when he accidentally set up within 100 blocks of another town.[6]wing and the town initially got along, with the town leaders giving wing permission to set up there and offering an alliance. Relations suddently turned sour the next day, so wing made a plea for hired guards to protect him against threats of pearling.[7]This plan backfired, however, when HCF raiders took the opportunity to pearl the entire town and use wing's cry for help as an excuse.[8]wing was able to clear his name and patch up relations with the town leaders after the World Police pearled the raiders.[9]

Civcraft 2.0

At the beginning of 2.0, wing and his friends became more dedicated to the cause of spreading Ranubism. They founded the Danzilonan Polo-Norse Commune of the Church of Ranubis (or DPNCCR) on the first day of the server just north of the settlement that became New Danzilona. They made the DPNCCR their holy site and constructed a church and grand mead hall, the roof of which they used to complete individual conversions to Ranubism.[10]Early on, wing ran into trouble with former Danzilona residents from 1.0, with one of them attempting to pearl wing for diamonds wing supposedly owed him from the previous server.[11]Although wing was not made to pay, the rest of the Danzilonans continued to allow the debt-collecting citizen to live amongst them and even had a street named after him, causing the first rift between the Danzilonans and wing. In June 2013, a month after the founding of the DPNCCR, a wave of griefers hit the holy city, causing extensive damage to many of the structures the residents had yet to reinforce.[12]They received some assistance from the Danzilonans, but many of them, wing included, decided to take a break from Civcraft for a while. Griefing attacks followed by periods of low activity, which in turn led to more griefer attacks, would become a theme in the DPNCCR's history.

The Grand Mead Hall of the DPNCCR, built by wing in late 2013

wing returned to Civcraft in August 2013 and worked on cleaning the grief for the rest of the summer.[13]The DPNCCR was griefed once again in September, but wing did not take a break this time and instead committed himself to completely rebuilding and reinforcing the city, which he did throughout the autumn and winter of 2013-2014.[14]

In February 2014, wing was at the centre of the DZF's dispute with the neighbouring town of Monaco, which occupied DZF land in what Danzilonans deemed an illegal seizure due to there not being a vote on its forfeiture. wing regularly protested for the return of the land to the DZF on its border with Monaco, and for his efforts he was pearled by the Monacans when they invaded NDZ on February 23, 2014.[15]The Monacans continued to grief the DPNCCR frequently due to its proximity, and although the Danzilonans eventually pearled the Monacan leaders, wing felt he and his citizens were not fairly compensated. This led to wing and his fellow Disciples of Ranubis to declare independence from NDZ city jurisdiction while still remaining in the DZF.[16] The city's independence was generally well received by the Danzilonans, and the DPNCCR experienced a subsequent renaissance in activity. During this renaissance in March and April of 2014, the new district of Venice was built, along with a railway to NDZ and a church of Ranubis in NDZ's city centre.[17][18][19]This renaissance culminated in wing's coronation as King of DPNCCR, a position he held in all but name up until now, in April 2014.[20]

This reinaissance ended in May 2014 when religious conflict arose between followers of Oberon in New Danzilona and the Disciples of Ranubis. They had snuffed out a flame of Ranubis in the DPNCCR, which wing and friends responded to by burning down the Oberon church in NDZ.[21] wing took this as simple roleplay and did not take it seriously, but many Danzilonans did and so seriously criticised wing. This was largely the final straw for wing and many other residents of the DPNCCR, culminating in wingnut declaring full independence.[22] This act, however, was largely not taken seriously by the majority of Danzilonans, and, seeing the futility of the situation, many in the DPNCCR went inactive thereafter. wing openly expressed his extreme frustration with what he perceived to be other players' lack of interest in the roleplaying aspect of Civcraft, and himself took a break for a few weeks. When he returned, his attitude towards politics on the server was much less serious, and he let the DPNCCR fall into inactivity, choosing to prioritze spending time and rebuilding relationships with his friends in Danzilona. Over the summer, he built and spent time in an artificial island resort with some friends and the Danzilonans who set up holiday homes there.[23]In August, wing helped build NDZ's new treasury and was made the official assistant of the treasurer, who for that month was also a fellow resident of the DPNCCR.[24]

Owing to the permanent inactivity of the DPNCCR following the end of the summer, wing advocated for it to become a territory of NDZ once again in September 2014, which it then did.[25]After that, wing played very infrequently but remained in the Danzilonan online community and posted memes on its subreddit throughout 2015.[26]

Since the end of 2.0, wing has not seriously returned to play any other civ server, but he did visit the small town of Atari Springs, built by former Danzilonans Des23 and Lowtuff, on CivEx: First Light.